Wednesday, July 23, 2008

7-23 CUP O' JO - Mug #1


The Joliet game was the highlight of the day, deserving of it's own post. The other games will require another mug o' Peet's. Look for them in a bit.

JOEY GOMES (DH, Joliet Jackhammers, Northern League IND):
CHAD FILLINGER - P, Joliet Jackhammers, Northern League - IND:
7/22: What a fun game. Not only did the Jackhammers notch a 13-4 victory over rival Schaumburg, it may have been the first time that two Casa Grande Gauchos had back to back at bats in the pros. RHP Chad Fillinger found himself swinging the bat in last night's win over Schaumburg. You may recall that PTownFan predicted an ejection during the Schaumburg series but it was a Jackhammer, not the Flyer's Manager that was tossed last night in the 7th. The Jackhammers are already a bit short handed and had only one reserve on the bench so the pitchers were pressed into offensive action. After pitching a two hit, no run 8th, Chad came to the plate in the 9th. He fouled off a 1-1 pitch and hit a grounder off the end of the bat to reach on a fielder's choice. At that point, PTownFan's Family erupted in celebration muffling much of Joey's at bat.

Officially, Joey was 2-5 with a single, a double, two runs scored, a walk and a K. .266 Avg.
Chad pitched one inning, K'd one, gave up two hits, no runs, and no walks. 2.78 ERA. He was 0-1 at the plate, reaching on a fielder's choice.

Way to go guys. That was fun!

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