Friday, July 17, 2009

PTownFan May Be On The Move

The Petaluma Argus Courier invited me to blog for them and I said, "What the heck."   I haven't decided what that means for the Pearls yet.  I may keep them both up.  Or, if the Argus is a comfy fit, I will use the KISS principle and Keep It Simple.  For now, just follow this link to my new blog, PTownFan.  Add a comment while you're there and give PTownFan a shout!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Little League All Stars: July 15 Updates

Touch 'Em All Tournament Updates - JULY 15:
Petaluma teams are still alive in the 9-10, 10/11, Junior and Senior District Finals. In the 11/12 bracket, Petaluma National lost a heartbreaker to Sebastopol last night. After a 20-1 pummelling at the hands of Petaluma National Monday night, Sebastopol dug deep and must have pitched a beaut last night in eeking out a 1-0 win over Petaluma to win the District Title.
Following are links to the Tourney brackets for each age group.  Little League Officials update these brackets as scores come in so this is your direct pipeline to the latest results.  I've limited the links to brackets the three Petaluma Little Leagues compete in.  For a broader view of who they might face in later rounds and how far each age group can go, click here.

9/10 Year Olds:   Petaluma National won the South Area Flag and plays Sebastopol for the District Flag tonight in Healdsburg in the District Final Tourney.  Earlier this week, Petaluma beat Sebastopol 6-4, but it was Sebastopol's first loss so they battled back through the loser's bracket, topping Petaluma 11-7 last night to force a playoff. The winner advances to the Section Final hosted by District 53 (Napa/Solano) beginning Saturday.

10/11 Year Olds: It's down to Rincon Valley and Petaluma Valley in the District Final Tourney hosted by Petaluma National. Each team has a win and a loss against each other so tonight's 5:30 game will determine the champ at the Petaluma National field on Kenilworth Drive between the freeway and the fairgrounds. The winner advances to the Section Final hosted by Petaluma Valley beginning Saturday. 
11/12 Year Olds (aka: Major League All-Stars or Little League All-Stars): The 11/12 or "Little League" series of tournaments produces the teams that play in the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA each summer.  Sadly, it won't include a Petaluma team this year either after Petaluma National lost a 1-0 game to Sebastopol last night.  The Sebastopudlians move on to the Section Tournament in Marin beginning Saturday.

Junior Division (13/14 year olds):  Petaluma Valley and Sebastopol play for the flag tonight in District Final hosted by Rancho Cotati. Valley edged Sebastopol 3-2 last night forcing a deciding game tonight. The winner advances to the Section Tourney hosted by District 4 in Concord.
Senior Division (15/16 year olds):  The number of players at this level drops off to the point that the three leagues combine to field one All-Star Team.  Their first stop is the District Final  hosted by Petaluma at Casa Grande High School where Petaluma has already notched two wins and plays for the flag tomorrow night.  They will face the winner of tonight's losers' bracket game between Healdsburg and Mark West. With no losses, Petaluma will have a second shot at the flag Friday in the unlikely event of a loss tomorrow.  Petaluma also hosts the next round, the Section Tournament that includes winners of three other District Finals.  That tourney gets underway Saturday.

About Little League All-Stars:
Little League organizes All-Star competition by age group. Although an age group spans two years, teams are commonly referred to by the older year in that group. The older the players, the further they can go geographically as a summer full of tournaments progress. The 11/12 year olds, the Juniors (13/14 years) and the Seniors (15/16 years) can progress all the way to World Series competition. There is also a regional All Star Competition for the AAA minor league level. That tourney wrapped up last weekend with Petaluma Valley as the winner.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

PTownFan is off to Colorado to celebrate the Really Big Birthdays of a bunch of special college friends. See ya next week. The Little league AllStar bracket links still work while I'm gone. Magic! :-)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

CUP O' JO: Wednesday, July 8, 2008

LOUIS OTT (A Jupiter Hammerheads, Florida Marlins Organization)
Move over Jonny Gomes.  Sweet Lou gets top billing today with a 5-for-5 three RBI night in an 8-3 win over St. Lucie.  His average is up to .347.  And the team awarded him the floral granny panties as The Most Offensive Player Of The Game. He wears them well on his Facebook page. Way to represent Louis!

KONRAD SCHMIDT (C, High A Visalia Rawhide, Arizona Diamondbacks Organization)
Another huge night for for a PTown Pro.  4-for-5 with 2 home runs and three RBI boosting his average to .268.  Woo!
JONNY GOMES (OF,Cincinnati Reds, MLB):
0-for-3 in last night's 4-3 win over the Phillies.  Good to see them bounce back after Tuesday's 22-1 thrashing.  Some love for Jonno in the local paper today: Link

TOMMY EVERIDGE (IF, AAA Sacramento River Cats, Oakland Athletics Organization)
0-for-4 night.  He's human.

STEVE PEARSON (1B, Wichita WingNuts, IND)
2-for-4 with a double, a run scored and an RBI in last night's 8-7 win over St. Paul.  Batting .346

SAM BANISTER (IF, Akron Racers Professional Softball)
2-for-3 with two RBIs in last night's 5-4 exhibition loss to Allentown.  Go girl!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

CUP O' JO: Tuesday, July 7, 2008

JONNY GOMES (OF,Cincinnati Reds, MLB):
Provided the only offense in last night's very offensive loss to the Phillies.  It was a 22-1 rout with PTown's Gomes preventing the ultimate humiliation with one big home run swing.  Worst loss in Reds' franchise history. Ugggghhhh-ly. Thank you Jonny for avoiding the shut out. Gomes is still hitting .329 despite returning to a pinch hitting role... despite his .367 average in the middle of the interleage swing.  Wazzup Dusty?

JOEY GOMES (DH, Edmonton Capitals, Golden League - IND)
3-for-5 with 6 RBIs and a dinger on Sunday. Woo!!! 1-for-4 with a double, a stolen base and a run scored in last night's loss to Victoria.  Batting .291.  Had a great visit with Joey during the Caps series with the Outlaws last week.  He is really enjoying the Caps opportunity and their sleek ride.  The team plane.  If you've ever wondered why the Florida Marlins have more empty seats than fans for an afternoon home game, take in an Outlaws game in Chico.  Words simply can't describe it.  It's a tanning booth, sauna and frying pan all wrapped up in one neat little package.  Good to see so many PTown Fans in the house for Joey despite the miles, the traffic (legendary) and the heat.

LOUIS OTT (A Jupiter Hammerheads, Florida Marlins Organization) 
0-for-3 in last night's loss breaking up a 5 game hitting streak.  He's still hitting .299 so the regular at bats are working for Louis.

TOMMY EVERIDGE (IF, AAA Sacramento River Cats, Oakland Athletics Organization):
1-for-4 in last night's loss. Batting .341 with a 5 game hitting streak. Starting to hear frequent chatter about Tommy during A's games.  Gonna happen 707 fans. I feel it!

KONRAD SCHMIDT (C, High A Visalia Rawhide, Arizona Diamondbacks Organization)
Wow!  A double short of hitting for the cycle in last night's loss to High Desert.  Way to go Konrad!

STEVE PEARSON (1B, Wichita WingNuts, IND)
1-for-4 with his 4th double in a 4-1 loss to St. Paul last night.  Batting .343.

DJ GENTILE (OF, Matsu Miners, Alaska)
DJ was lighting up the scoreboard with his bat in Matsu, but not getting needed time in the outfield.  The Indians selected him in the draft last month and have been evaluating him as a potential outfielder in their organziation so he had to bust a move.  He's headed to Corvallis OR to play for the Knights. Fishing's still good in Oregon DJ. You won't have to go too far.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

CUP O' JO: Wednesday, July 1, 2008

JONNY GOMES (OF,Cincinnati Reds, MLB):
Struck out in a pinch hit appearance as the Reds produced lackluster offense on an off night for starter Bronson Arroyo.
JOEY GOMES (DH, Edmonton Capitals, Golden League - IND)
Joey is happy to be back in NorCal and it showed last night.  An RBI fielders' choice and went yard in the 7th to score two and ice the game for the Caps.  He's batting .273 with 3 home runs in 55 ABs for the Caps. PTownJr and I will be in the house tonight to watch Edmonton go for two in a row. Hopefully Joey saved some hits and some crisp D at 1B for the hometown fans.

LOUIS OTT (A Jupiter Hammerheads, Florida Marlins Organization)
1-for-3 with a single, a walk, a sac fly and a K in last night's win over Daytona.  Lou's hitting .283.

BRANDON MORROW (P, Seattle Mariners, MLB):
Threw 98 pitches and went 4.2 innings and left the game with a 3-3 tie.  The usually dependable Seattle bullpen hiccuped in the 7th and 8th and the Yanks won 8-3 with reliever White taking the loss.

TOMMY EVERIDGE (IF, AAA Sacramento River Cats, Oakland Athletics Organization)
2-for-4 with 2 hits including a two out RBI single and a walk in a 5-2 win over Las Vegas.  Everidge is batting .359 and has 14 RBIs in 78 at bats.  He's slugging .590 and has a .419 OBP. You gotta think this is attracting a fair amount of attention in Oakland where they could sure use some power in the lineup.

KONRAD SCHMIDT (C, High A Visalia Rawhide, Arizona Diamondbacks Organization)
2-for-5 in a 6-4 win over Bakersfield.

STEVE PEARSON (1B, Wichita WingNuts, IND)
2-for-4 at 1B in a 4-2 win over Sioux City.  Batting .346.

DJ GENTILE (OF, Matsu Miners, Alaska)
3-for-5 with a run scored, a stolen base, a home run and two RBIs in an 11 inning win over The Fire.  Woo!

Monday, June 29, 2009

(Bitter)sweet Redemption

Remember the inning that wasn't in Saturday's Petaluma City Junior Division Little League Championship game? The game ended in a 5.5 inning win* for Brodies (Petaluma Valley Little League).

Turns out the inning really wasn't played after all.  The manager of the Petaluma Valley team emailed that upon reviewing their book, an inning was "jumped" and he apologized for the confusion. 

So we'll never know if the PALL team had a come-from-behind win in them Saturday and another win on Sunday to end the season 3-0 against Brodies and take home the flag. Likely ? Perhaps not. But these are 13 and 14 year old kids and trust me, ANYthing can happen over the course of a complete game.

There's a saying that "the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the little extra".  The Umpire is the only one paid to be there.  And likely, one of the few without a personal stake in the game. If it's not part of their job to keep track of the number of innings played on that little card they record substituions on, then here's another suggestion. Next year, perhaps the Leagues will take the extra step of providing an official scorekeeper for the Championship Game(s).  Or at least a scorekeeper table where the home and visitor books sit together and cross check little things as the game progresses. So the little things don't become big things that can impact the outcome.  We volunteers all make mistakes. Let's make it easier to catch 'em before it's too late.

CUP O' JO: Monday, June 29, 2009

JONNY GOMES (OF,Cincinnati Reds, MLB):
1-for-4 with a 2 run home run in yesterday's 8-1 win over Cleveland to take the Governor's Cup and close to within 2.5 games of Milwaukee and St. Louis who are tied for the Division lead.  I tell you what, these Reds' fans are a tough crowd.  With Jonny hitting .343 and slugging .600 (.529 vs. RHP) they are not exactly singing his praises.  Now that interleague action is over, they're already predicting a big cooldown as he returns to a platoon role despite his recent success versus RHP.  He went 11-for-29 as the DH during the recent interleague stretch and is batting .063 points higher than the next best hitting outfielder.  I'd love to the output of a Bill James equation that looks at all those inputs to see how good another OF's defense needs to be to overcome the edge that Gomes has offensively.  If the Reds' starting pitchers continue to struggle and wins hinge on run production, I don't know how they can afford to keep Jonny out of the lineup.  Dickerson in CF and Gomes in LF is more potent than Taveras (.237) in center and a platoon in left with either Nix (.259) or Dickerson (.279) and saving Jonny's hot bat only for lefties. But what do I know.

JOEY GOMES (DH, Edmonton Capitals, Golden League - IND)
2-for-5 with an RBI single in last night's 11-3 win over Victoria to regain second place.  If you can work a mid-week game in Chico into your schedule, Joey's team opens their 4 game series against the Outlaws tomorrow night.  Click here for ticket info and here for directions. The gates open at 6:00 and the Caps take infield during BP which usually begins around 5:30.  But the nice gal in the Outlaws front office said it shouldn't be a problem if a few PTown fans show up and want to get in early to send some love Joey's way.  And get this week's edition of Sports Illustrated signed.  BYOS (Bring Your Own Sharpie).

LOUIS OTT (A Jupiter Hammerheads, Florida Marlins Organization)
0-for-3 last night at second base as the Threshers won the sharkfight 5-4 over Louis' Hammerheads.
BRANDON MORROW (P, Seattle Mariners, MLB):
Next start:  tomorrow night in NY vs. Joba.

TOMMY EVERIDGE (IF, AAA Sacramento River Cats, Oakland Athletics Organization)
3-for-5 with a run scored and an RBI in a 6-3 loss to Las Vegas last night.  Batting .357. Man!

KONRAD SCHMIDT (C, High A Visalia Rawhide, Arizona Diamondbacks Organization)
0-for-4 in last night's loss to Bakersfield.

STEVE PEARSON (1B, Wichita WingNuts, IND)
2-for-3 with an RBI in a 2-1 win over St. Paul last night.  And our beat reporter Not So Anonymous reports that he is planning a trip to Sioux Falls, in part, to report back on those Fowl Balls.  Take a video cam NSA... we gotta see these things to believe 'em. 

DJ GENTILE (OF, Matsu Miners, Alaska)
2-for-4 with two doubles in last night's 5-4 win over The Fire.  Batting .344 with 4 extra base hits in 9 games played.  DJ is working on his outfielding skills in hopes of inking a deal with the Cleveland Indians who selected him in the draft earlier this summer. So far, so good as far as fielding stats go.

PTown's Joey Gomes Makes Sports Illustrated

Joey went yard against former MLB pitcher Jose Lima, who is trying to make a comeback via the Golden League, and Sports Illustrated gave it some ink.  Look for an article titled, "Somewhere, it's Lima Time" in this week's edition with Joe Mauer on the cover.  Or read it here.

Not to take anything away from Lima and his inspirational attitude, but Joey got the ink by making a two run jack out of a Jose Lima fastball. Yah, Joe Gomes :-)

And MrPTown assures me the "SI Jinx" only applies to the guy on the cover.  Poor Joe Mauer's .400 season is in trouble...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

CUP O' JO: Sunday, June 28, 2009

JONNY GOMES (OF,Cincinnati Reds, MLB):
1-for-5 yesterday with an RBI single to ice the Reds 7-3 win over Cleveland.

JOEY GOMES (DH, Edmonton Capitals, Golden League - IND)
1-for-4 yesterday in a 14-1 loss to Victoria. Joe Gomes is playing some 1B for the Caps and batting .267 after a dry spell this week. The Caps are in third place three games back of Calgary.  The upcoming series in Chico this week could break things open.    Roadtrip Wednesday to watch the 8:05 game!

LOUIS OTT (A Jupiter Hammerheads, Florida Marlins Organization)
Louis is have a great few days.  3-for-5 yesterday, 1-for-3 Friday and 3-for-4 Thursday.  Three runs and two doubles during that stretch.  And regular ABs.  Yah Lou!

BRANDON MORROW (P, Seattle Mariners, MLB):
It's Morrow v. Joba Chamberlain Tuesday in New York.  Seattle has won 7 of their last 10 and is closing the gap in the AL West.

TOMMY EVERIDGE (IF, AAA Sacramento River Cats, Oakland Athletics Organization)
Nice piece on Tommy in the Sacramento Bee:  Tommy was 1-for-5 in yesterday's 11-5 win over Vegas.  Batting .338.

KONRAD SCHMIDT (C, High A Visalia Rawhide, Arizona Diamondbacks Organization)
2-for-3 with a double in yesterdays squeaker of a loss to Modesto.  Batting .255

STEVE PEARSON (1B, Wichita WingNuts, IND)
1-for-4 yesterday. Batting .335.

DJ GENTILE (OF, Matsu Miners, Alaska)
Batting .321.  Box scores still a challenge to find.  And I gotta get to work...

WILLY SULLIVAN (OF, Petaluma American Round Table Pizza)
2-for 2 with an RBI double in yesterday's win* by Petaluma's Valley Brodies team.  Finished the season at .400.  On to All Stars which begin Saturday, July 4th in Cotati.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Name Is PTownFan And I Have A Problem

It sucks to be competitive at my age.  It really does. 

The Valley Little League Brodie's Team was crowned Petaluma Junior Division Champions* today. I tip my cap to them.  Well pitched, well played.  The Blue Crew called a good game and we had opportunities to make it much closer, if not get ahead early.  It was 90 something degrees by gametime and 99 by the time the final pitch was thrown with Brodies up 8-3*.  Even with the hard hitting top of our order due up, the speech bubbles on the speechless young faces were saying, "Please let this be over." I guess I can't blame them.  They'd played 5 games in 5 days, it would take a 6th to win the flag, and it was bloody hot.

But I had the 2004 Boston Red Sox in my head. Remember them?  Losing 4-3 in the 9th and down zero games to three the best-of-seven American League Championship Series, the #8 Sox hitter outfoxed the great Mariano Rivera to force extra innings and win the game. And ultimately the series. The top of our Round Table order had rallied with two outs in the 5th to score a couple of runs.  They were due up again in the 7th. My glass was half full.  Lotta baseball left.  But the Baseball Gods intervened and gave the boys a pass on the rest of the game.

"What'chu talkin' about, Willis?"

Yep, the Baseball Gods inserted a phantom scoreless inning in the other team's scorebook, leading them to believe the game was over when our #9 batter grounded out. As I was busy totalling out my T6 half inning, boxes of trophies were appearing on the field.  I jumped up in amazement as the congratulatory end of game hand slapping was taking place, and waved my lovely orange, but very unofficial Visitor Team scorebook at the ump, shouting "it's only the 6th inning!!!"  I keep a good book, but I'm not perfect so I did a hurry up double check. Had I scored two innings in one column? Nope... Passed out briefly in the heat and missed an inning? Nope... Earlier in the game I had picked up the wrong leadoff batter and got off track for a few hitters. That quick fix had long since been made, but it was enough to rattle my confidence. So I asked a couple of travel ball dads for a quick double-check.  Still short an inning, we appealed to the Blue Crew. Their response? "Home Book says we've played seven innings so we're done."

By this point, the boys had their trophies and the other team's photo op with the Championship Banner was underway.  And the Sports Editor of the local paper and two other parents keeping score approached with confused looks also wondering what happened to B6 and T7. Four scorekeepers showed a 5.5 inning game.  Only the home team's book showed the additional inning. The inning that wasn't. The win with an asterisk.

I hate it when the game is taken out of the players' hands.  I just think it's too bad it ended with something clearly amiss and the losing team having a chance. We're not talking about an Umpire's strike zone.  This was a discrepancy that could have been cross checked. I have a newfound appreciation for all the rules and regulations of sanctioned Little League Tournaments. Especially the roped off Official Scorekeepers' Table under a "cone of silence" so pitch counts, scores and innings are all accounted for and verified by Tournament Officials.  The Championship game of the City Tourney deserves the same.

All that said, the second place finishers didn't seem to mind. They were cooked.  A longshot win today would have forced another game at high noon tomorrow.  On another 100 degree day.  The coaches thought we'd have a mutiny if we pushed the point.  So we conceded the loss*.  With the top of our order coming up to bat against a team we beat earlier this season.  The Baseball Gods can make things right during the upcoming All-Star Tournament and get us through the South Area Finals to the District Tourney. And beyond ;-)

Your final, PVLL Brodie's 8.  PALL Round Table 3*

Like I said, it sucks to be competitive at my age.  It really does.  They're kids, not the 2004 Red Sox. I need to let that asterisk go.

Thanks for listening.


2009 TOC Champs
Photo: Greg Gardea
Henris Roofing won the District 35 Tournament Of Champions Friday night topping Fort Bragg by a score of 16-0.  Pearlacious!! Hosted by Mark West Springs Little League, the tourney included the top North Coast Major Division teams from Petaluma to the Oregon border.  A tip of the cap to proud poppa Greg Gardea for the this recap:

Brendan Jackson pitched 5 solid shutout innings for the win. At the plate, the Dynamic duo was at it again. Drew Busse and Miles Gardea started things off with back to back doubles and then followed with back to back homeruns the next inning. Busses had a double and 3 homeruns on the night including a grand slam.   Gardea had two doubles, a triple and a homerun. Busse and Gardea combined for 12 RBI's and Brendan Jackson added four more.  He went 3-for-4 with two singles and a double.  (Ed:  YOWZA... a slam in a TOC. Now THAT is a memory maker).

Pitching strategy is key in the 5 day single elimination tournament where teams play every day. Henris finished the year with a record of 29-4 and were coached by Tom Busse and Chuck Mcphearson. The roster includes Drew Busse, Armand Carcelan, Max Cerini, Justin Chapman, Thomas Cramer, Brad Freitas, Austin Garatti, Miles Gardea, Jackson Hill, Brendan Jackson, Emmett Schrader, and Alberto Valdez.

Petaluma was represented in the TOC by Henris Roofing from the Petaluma American, Athletic Edge from the Petaluma Valley and Pinky’s Pizza from the Petaluma National.  Other Leagues sending champions to the Tournament were Cloverdale, Coast Youth, Rincon Valley, Rancho Cotati, El Molino, South Ukiah, Healdsburg, Medocino-Coast, North Ukiah, Fort Bragg, Willits, Sebastopol, Santa Rosa American, Westside and Mark West.  Here's some video from earlier in the week on the Youth Sports Network:

Way to represent!  Congrats boys, coaches and parents.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Stayin' Alive, Stayin' Alive

Whew!  Petaluma American Little League's scrappy Jr. Division Round Table team is hangin' tough.  A 4-2 win tonight over Petaluma National's Anderson Team has put them in the championship round.  Three loser's bracket wins in three nights. Gutsy. Kevin George pitched a beautiful game and Anthony Garatti closed it out to preserve the win.  The PALL boys will try to knock off Brodies' tomorrow to force a Championship game on Sunday.  Come on out to Petaluma National's big diamond tomorrow at noon and enjoy the 100 degree heat with us.  If there's any sort of a breeze, you'll get a complimentary dermabrasion facial with your heat wrap.  That Sonoma-Marin Fair kids up a lotta dust :-)

Oh, by the way...  Jonny was 2-for-3 with an RBI single tonight and his average is now .367.  Too bad the Reds lost.  Again.  If Jonny can inspire a sustained winning streak and keep his bat going, I  predict a MLBCBPOTY at the end of the season.  C'mon Redlegs.  Get your poop in a group and win some would ya!

Gomes Batting .351 And Round Table Still Winning

Jonny Gomes had another big night while the Cardiac Kids (PALL Round Table Pizza) battled back through the loser's bracket with a nail biter of a win in the Petaluma Little League Junior Division City Championship Tourney.

Gomes went 2-for-4 with his 6th double, a first inning RBI that scored Joey Votto who went on to become the hero of the night in a real feel good story.   Things are looking up for Willy Taveras who got his bat back after losing it earlier this season. Gomes rounded out his night with a walk and a single off former Rays teammate... and RHP... Sean Camp bumping his average to .351 and his rightie split to .300.  Wow.  It's probably too early to start talking about MLBCBPOTY so I'll just think it for now.  If you've followed Gomes the last few years, you know which post-season thingie I'm thinkin' about. I don't want to violate one of The Unwritten Rules Of Baseball that I might not know about yet.  Better play it safe.  Pretty good book by the way. Reading it on my iPhone via the Kindle App.  A great way to make the cardio time fly at the gym.

PTownJunior's Round Table Pizza team eeked out a 3-2 win over Shotwell's last night.  Trevor Shine had a two hitter going in the sixth before hitting the 95 pitch limit.  Steely nerved Ryan Scherer took the mound and gunned the tying run with a wicked pick off move to second base to end the inning.  The heart of the Round Table order couldn't put insurance runs on the board in the top of the 7th so it came down to good pitching and defense in the bottom of the final inning with the top of the Shotwell's order due up.  The leadoff hitter reached on an error and Scherer fanned the #2 batter.  Shotwell's next hitter flied to right advancing the lead runner to third.  Ryan waivered a bit, walking the next batter but Shotwell's starting pitcher smacked a routine grounder to the sure gloved Kevin George at 1B and kept the Number Two seeded team alive in the double elimination tourney.  Zac Overzet and Kevin George each had two hits for Round Table, and Willy Sullivan (PTownJr) drove in the winning run in the third.

Tonight, Round Table meets Petaluma National's Anderson team for a rematch of Tuesday night's 7-4 loss that sent the American League Champs to the loser's bracket and the rubbermatch of season long competition.  Gametime is 5:30pm at Petaluma National's Aparicio Field next to the Fairgrounds.  Stay to drag the field after the game and you can listen to The Charlie Daniels Concert for free :-)

Top seeded Brodies' (Petaluma Valley LL) will take on tonight's loser's bracket winner tomorrow at noon for the Championship. Unless the losers bracket winner wins again, forcing a Championship game on Sunday.  Wouldn't that be awesome?