Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gomes Makes Nice Grab In Spring Training Opener

In 2002 San Francisco Giant JT Snow prevented a bulldozering of Dusty Baker's young son Darren at the plate by David Bell.

AP Photo

Yesterday, it was not an airborn bat boy that drew a gasp from the crowd, but rather, the lumber itself.  

CF Willy Taveras, the Reds lead off hitter, obviously played a lot of Wii Baseball during the offseason and became overly reliant on the nunchuck wrist strap to save his 60 inch plasma from the carnage of his destructive swing.  Wednesday, in the first at bat of the Reds Grapefruit League season, Willy fouled off a pitch down the right field line. And sent his bat helicoptering into the Reds dugout. 
Cincinnati Enquirer

There's no need to fear.  Underdog is here.

You guessed it.  PTowns pro with a penchant for the perverbial photo op plucked the pinwheeling plank out of mid-air with his bare hand.  No word on the number of teammates that ran for cover or ducked behind the rail but you can bet the Rays were pleased their spanking new facility escaped without a scratch.
James Borchuck via Bugs and Cranks

Cincinnati fans seem non-plussed by this act of heroism while the blogs are abuzz in Tampa Bay.  Clearly it will take a Spring Training record along the lines of the Rays 2008 18-8-2 to put a little love in Redleg fans' hearts.  PTown's Pollyanna will do what she can to lighten the mood from time to time.  It worked once for a low budget team in Tampa. Let's see what the power of positive thinking can do for Cincinnati. Gotta believe.

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