Sunday, October 26, 2008

Catch A Foul Ball, Win A Fowl Ball?

Sometimes the most amazing things await you in the morning email. Check out this pearlacious bit of concession stand goodness. 
From BallPark Digest:

"We continue our announcements of the 2008 Ballpark Digest awards with the winners of...  Best New Food Item... We had a ... clear choice on the food front. Really, how could you go wrong with Fowl Balls, the deep-fried turkey testicles developed by the Sioux Falls Canaries (independent; American Association)? Fowl Balls are marketed by Dakota Provisions (giving the Canaries a sponsorship as well -- nice touch!), and the testicles were sold with a side of dipping sauce. Runners-up included the crab-filled pretzels from the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs (independent; Atlantic League) and Funnel Dogs from the Northwest Arkansas Naturals (Class AA; Texas League)."
Perhaps a "Catch a Foul Ball, Win a Fowl Ball" promo is in PTown's future... It occurs to me that the Willie Bird Turkey Farm is just up the road from Casa Grande High School.  The home of The Gauchos.  Jonny Gomes' Alma Matter.  Could Fowl Balls become the signature cuisine of the Gaucho Baseball Snack Shack? With Willie Birds'  "Sonoma Fresh... You'll really tast the difference." tag line, how can they go wrong?  Pity they cannot be enjoyed with a Budweiser Shooter on school property.

The 2008 Ballpark Digest Awards announcements continue through Halloween. You can bet I'll be checkin' 'em out. A big thanks to budding field reporter and Princeton Rays Team Photographer Samantha Craig for digging this up Sunday morning treat.

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