Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tug McGraw Conjures Up A Game 3 Win For The Phils

The Battle Of The Baseball Supernaturals  World Series took an eerie turn last night.   Reminiscent of The Rays inexplicable Game 5 loss to The Red Sox last week, the Phillies came out on top last night despite another umpiring non-controversy that broke the Rays Way. Here's the bloody game recap. Crikey.
You see, the ghost of Tug McGraw was quietly wrecking havoc with the Rays' 9th inning defense as the team tried to send a tied game to extras. At 1:47am.  His long lost, then found son, Tim McGraw of country music fame, walked the game ball out to legendary Phillies hurler Steve Carlton for the first pitch ceremony last night.  Seems he walked a little bit of Tug around the mound as well.

Explains a lot:
  • Jamie Moyer's Game Of A Lifetime while sick as a dog. From the looks of things, might be tonsilitis.
  • Matt Garza's Which Matt Is That performance
  • Longo's wind shortened longball to LF in the top of the 6th with 2 out and one on
  • Utley and Howards' back to back wind lengthened jacks to RF in the bottom of the 6th
  • The Mad Australian's plunking of Santa Rosa's pinch-hitting Eric Bruntlett in the bottom of the 9th
  • The Mad Australian's Wild Pitch in the 9th allowing baserunners to advance
  • Navi's bad throw on a 9th inning attempt allowing baserunners to advance
  • Carlos Ruiz dribbler down the 3rd base line with bases loaded and a 5 man infield shift
  • Evan Longoria's Hail Mary lob of Ruiz' dribbler over Navi's head
  • The Phillies' walk-off dribbler is only their second base hit of the night 
And wouldn't you know it... the lead baserunner who was advanced all the way to walk-off run scoring status was Philly Eric Bruntlett, a guy who lives 20 miles up the road from PTown.
So, in a magnaimous return to The Pearls' roots... giving kudos to PTown area pros in pursuit of America's Game... Eric, here are your kudos.  Your second Pearlacious World Series Moment has been duly noted.  And my journalistic responsibilities have been met. And we expect to see you at Camp next weekend.
The Rays must win tonight or tomorrow to bring the Series home to Tampa Bay.  Where The Trop can work her much more potent magic.


  1. I'm pretty sure Carlos Ruiz's dribbler was actually the Phillies 4th hit of the night... They had 3 home runs, and 4 base hits, that was the 4th "base hit" of the night. Maybe you meant it was only their second single of the night?

    It's ok though, who's counting?

  2. You are so right. A major botched editing error... that bullet point was meant to say that it was only the Phillies' second hit of the Series with runners in scoring position. Thanks for pointing it out!


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