Friday, October 24, 2008

Rays Gearing Up For A Game Of Inches?

Pre-Game Pearls for tonight's must maintain momentum m-m-m-game. 

  • Jonesin' for the Rays Walk Up Music during this road trip? There's a playlist at the bottom of the post ;-)
  • BJ bounced back from a disappointing Game One, driving in what proved to be the winning run in the 4th.  The fielding tools of fans in Section 120 went untested in Game Two.
  • But, Melvin Upton, you hustle your booty down the line every time. It's a game of inches and that inch might mean earn a World Series Ring.  Just ask Rocco. Almost punched out and drew a huge walk in a moment of umpire indecision.  Almost safe at home in a massive collision.  And how 'bout that beautiful double play catch/pick off combo catching Jason Werth too far off first base.  Game of inches. You never know when Werth is gonna serve up another bobble-drop on a routine play in right. Game of inches BJ. If Rocco can run like he might not see another World Series, so can you.  No style points for gliding on the basepaths. Especially the first 90 feet.
  • Wicked weather predicted in Philly today.  Sounds like the worst might blow through by 9pm.  Or maybe not.  Could be a long night on the east coast.
  • A rainout tonight might also muck up the Rays rotation.  Rays Index does a great job breaking that down. (
  • Santa Rosa's Eric Bruntlett had his 15 minutes of fame getting the Phillies on the board with a solo pinch hit home run in Game Two. That'll be enough Eric. You don't need to be a hero to get an invite to Camp For A Cure.  
  • Taylor Swift sings the National Anthem tonight.  Barely better than Tampa Bay's Back Street Boys.  Not by much. And I'm a country fan.
  • Jonny Gomes the Spin Doctor.  All miked up for Game Three after his now famous flesh pressing with Obama.  The chatter that made it through was a spin on a Maddon quote last week. And it flopped. 
  • Speaking of Joe Maddon, he was named Manager of the Year.  Amen. Exactly right. Here's a neat little tour of the Skipper's office courtesy of ESPN's Jim Caple.

  • The Mad Australian, Grant Balfour is back on track. Pena and Longo need to ride that wave. The team whose bats wake up first might just win this thing.  The Phillies' are capable of much better than 1-28 with Runners In Scoring Position. 
  • Jonesin for the Rays Walk Up Music? 

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