Thursday, October 23, 2008

Zip Code Profiling Responsible For Rays Game One Loss

Here’s how I see it. With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight through my Joe Maddon Glasses.

ZipCode Profiling Cost The Rays the game last night.
I’d have caught that foul ball. You know, the 2 out 2-1 change-up that BJ hit into the primo Section 120 seats with Aki on second. That ball was in Fan Territory by more than a Thunderstick. It should have been caught. By a Rays Fan. Not by Phillies’ 1B Ryan Howard.
Game changing.

I'd have caught that ball and kept the inning alive. But I was not there because my name was not pulled in the "I Want To See A Playoff Game But Live On The Other Coast So Don't Expect Me To Buy Season Tickets" lottery. I know they pulled my name out of that lottery tumbler at least a half dozen times and kept putting it back because of my zipcode. Major League Baseball doesn't think someone in California will big bucks on a ticket, much less a place to stay and something to eat. It's Zip Code Profiling and it's wrong.
I'd have caught the ball giving BJ Moster Mash Upton another pitch to knock in the tying run. Maybe he'd have gone yard again and put us ahead.

Instead, the people sitting in my World Series seats were dressed to the nines in their Rays gear and sporting beautiful acrylic nails. Probably with litttle mohawks and Joe Maddon glasses painted on them. You'd have thought Ryan Howard was covered in moldy Philadelpia Cream Cheese the way those fans parted to let him grab that ball over the third row aisle. 
All we can do tonight is hope that BJ can shake off the dissappointment.  All you front row fans better be prepared to pick him up tonight. Wear it if you have to. The pain only lasts for a day or two.

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