Tuesday, July 8, 2008

7-7-08 Daily Recap

JOEY GOMES (OF, Joliet Jackhammers, Northern League IND):
7/7 - 7/9: All Star Break for the Jackhammers. They pick it up again Thursday versus the Goldeyes for a three game series in Winnipeg.
Recap of the last few games:
7-6: 1 for 3 with a walk, a K, and his second stolen base of the season. Story
7-5: 1 for 2 at DH with a walk and a K. Joey plated the Jackhammer's only run , grounding out to score teammate Freddie Thon from second base in the 1-10 loss to the Goldeyes.

CHAD FILLINGER - P, Joliet Jackhammers, Northern League - IND:
All-Star Break for the Jackhammers. Look for Chad in middle relief on Thursday as they resume play in Winnipeg.
7-4: Chad pitched a scoreless ninth inning to get his third win and lower his ERA to 2.38.

LOUIS OTT (DH/INF Detroit Tigers Organization - Lakeland Tigers, A):
7-7: 0 for 3 in a 5-9 loss to Brevard County with a walk, a K, and two ground outs. Lots of defensive action at 2B. .270 Avg. Recap.

TOMMY EVERIDGE (1B, Oakland A's Organization - Midland Rockhounds, AA):
7-7: 2 for 6 at 1B as the Rockhounds lost 4-5 to Springfield in 12 innings. Tommy hit his 15th double and his 16th home run for 3 RBIs. Batting .258. Recap.

KONRAD SCHMIDT (C, Arizona Diamondbacks Organization - SouthBend Silver Hawks, A):
7-7: 0 for 2 at Catcher with and walk and 2 RBIs on a sac fly as South Bend blanks Fort Wayne 6-0. .255 Avg. Recap.

JONNY GOMES (DH, Tampa Bay Rays):
7-7: 0 for 4 in a rare LF start against a RHP given his past success against Meche. The Rays, hoping for a sweep of the Royals, forced the game to extra innings, but came up short in the 10th, losing 4-7. Jonny put it in play three times and K'd once. .191 Avg. Gameday Recap.

More Rays Notes: Catcher Dioner Navarro and Pitcher Scott Kazmir were named to the 2008 AL All-Star team. Rookie sensation Evan Longoria (3B) is leading the Final Man fan voting (see other post and help Evan get to Yankee Stadium.)

BRANDON MORROW (P, Seattle Mariners):
7-7: Didn't get in the game as the Mariners couldn't score in the 9th to generate a save opportunity.
7/6: Did not pitch in a 15 inning marathon as the Mariners lost a 1-2 game to Detroit. Catcher Jaimie Burke volunteered to pitch after the bullpen emptied of all but injured pitchers and Brandon Morrow who had pitched 4 of the last 5 nights. Burke did pretty well, but ultimately gave up the game winning RBI double.
7/5: Just another easy save for Morrow, his 7th, as the Mariners continue to battle back, winning another close one 3-2 over Detroit.

PTOWN's UP AND COMERS (Little League All Star Tourney Play):
Decoder ring: PALL=Petaluma American, PNLL=Petaluma National and PVLL=Petaluma Valley
9/10 Year Olds - South Area Tourney: PALL eliminated after two games; PNLL still in winners' bracket with with 2 wins. Play tonight. PVLL battling back through losers' bracket with one win and one loss. Play Thurs, 7/9.

10/11 Year Olds - South Area Tourney: PALL battling back through loser's bracket after one win, one loss. They play PVLL tonight at 5:30 at PALL.

11/12 Year Olds (Major/Little League All Stars) - South Area Tourney: PALL battling back through losers' bracket with one loss and two wins. Play PVLL tonight at 5:30 at PVLL. The winner of this tourney continues on the Road To Williamsburg for the Little League World Series.

Junior All Stars - South Area Tourney: PALL still in winners' bracket with 3 wins. PNLL and PVLL battling back through losers' bracket each with one loss (to PALL) and two wins. They face off tonight at 6:30 at Rancho Cotati's field off Myrtle Ave. The winner will face PALL Wednesday night at 6:30. Same location. The winner of the tourney continues on the Road to Taylor, Michigan for the Junior Division World Series.

Senior Division All Stars - District Final : Combined PALL/PNLL/PVLL team won their opener and play El Molino tonight at 7 pm in Healdsburg. The winner of this tourney continues on the Road to Bangor, Maine for the Senior Division World Series.

Petaluma Travel Teams... I'll be happy to include you. Just forward your scores and a brief recap to PTownBaseballMom@comcast.net.

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