Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Petaluma Valley Loses A Heartbreaker

A dozen Petaluma pre-teens woke up one sunny morning in March to suit up for the first game of the season. And what a season it was. Four months of personal bests and great memories culminated in a "must win" win on Monday night and they found themselves playing for the Northern California Little League Championship Flag Tuesday night in Alameda. Northern California... Four rounds of elimination tournaments. Four rounds of "must win" wins. What an extraordinary accomplishment.

Pleasanton Little League got the 4-1 win tonight and will continue on the road to the Little League World Series. Excellent pitching and a first inning three run home run established early momentum for Pleasanton and PTown wishes them well. In fact, we'd love to see NorCal win the whole thing!

Way to play Petaluma Valley! We are so proud of you. It's time to sleep in for a few days and let that glove gather a little dust. The next season is right around the corner, but the rest of your summer vacation starts right now. Make the most of it :-)

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