Monday, July 21, 2008

PTown's Fall Instructional League Starts Soon

PTown is fortunate to have a top notch Fall Instructional league to help players develop their game during the off season. Players register for the level of ball they will play during Little League season in the spring. For example, if a player has just finished their 12 year old year and will play Little League on the big diamond next spring, they will play fall ball with Junior Division rules on the regulation field. Instructional Leagues are also a great way for new players to learn the game without the pressure of wins and losses as no scores are kept. The focus is really on player development and instruction with kids generally learning a variety of positions. Having experience in a variety of positions not only gives a player a lot of flexibility, it makes him or her a more valuable teammate who understands where a fellow fielder will be in a given situation.

Here is a link to more information about the league which is conducted by Petaluma's Athletic Edge, the Water Street "cages" where so many PTown players take their hacks in pursuit of the perfect swing. Evaluations will be held this Saturday, July 26th.

BTW... Fall Ball isn't just for kids anymore. Athletic Edge has added an instructional softball division for the 18 and up crowd. PTownFan is mulling that one over. One of her tools ain't bad, the the other 4 could definitely use some work :-) If the roster looks more like a 40+ group than a 20 something group, we may have some first hand Participant Pearls Of Wisdom to share as the dog days of summer wind down and the MLB pennant races heat up.

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