Saturday, September 20, 2008

Table's Set!

The Rays won big last night.  EJax was electrifying on the mound into the 8th for the 11-1 Twin killing.  The Rays can button up a wild card berth this afternoon with another win over Minnesota.  If that doesn't work out, they can get there if the Yankees and White Sox lose tonight.  It will be RHP Slowey for the Twins vs. LHP Kazmir for the Rays at 12:55 PTown time.  The Kaz part makes me nervous. The fact that somehow this nationally televised game is blacked out in CA totally ticks me off.  If you've got nothing better to do, swing by.  It will be a good old fashioned radio day in the garden.  

Last night, the Rays prevailed in the first call overturned via instant replay.  Pena blasted one to right center into a waiting fans hands just above the rail.  The Twins fan couldn't hold on and the ball dropped back onto the field.  Blue called Ground Rule Double.  4 minutes and 10 seconds later, the PowersThat Be in NYC saw it the same way America did and Carlos got dinger #31 and tacked three more runs on the board.

The Mohawk is now the official haircut of the Tampa Bay Rays.  I'd do it, but then I couldn't wear my lucky cap. Do not want to mess with that mojo. Nothin' subtle about Jonny's hawk. A 4" stripe down the middle of a bald head.
Speaking of Jonny...  not much playing time these days.  Not even with last night's 10 run lead.  BJ Upton has been nursing a quad injury for the last few weeks.  He's due back this weekend and may ease in with a start in right field. Perez has done a great job in center.  PTown is pulling for another Rays rout today so the hometown boy can come off the bench and have an AB in an historic game.

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