Thursday, September 25, 2008

Uno Mas, Por Favor!

One more Rays win (or Boston loss) is all it will take to crown Tampa Bay as the American League East Champions.  Wow!  Pinch me again!
The comeback kids did it again last night, rallying from a 6-0 deficit to overtake the molting Orioles... and then some.  Edwin Jackson was lit up in a disasterous 5 run first, but true to form, settled in after a few innings.  The Rays' scored 5 runs in the 5th and took the lead in the 6th. Bartlett was plunked a few times last night and the O's issued some bases loaded walks to tally more ribbies for the Rays later in the game.  Navi was Mr. Dependable with men on base.  Again.

Good to see the Rays hitting well going into the final 4 game series in Detroit. 96 wins with 4 games to go. A 100 win season?  You gotta believe.

All eyes were on the scoreboard last night.  Three wins separate the Rays and Red Sox. The tiebreaker (head to head record) has already gone to the Rays. So, with the Rays comfortably on top in Baltimore, the real drama last night was happening in Bean Town. The Tribe battled hard for another win over the Red Sox, but came up a run short.  The bubbly was carted into the Visitors' Clubhouse at Camden Yards when it looked like Cleveland might score the go ahead run.  But the corks will fly in Detroit instead.  A 1pm ET start after a late night plane ride could make for a tough game today.  Rays starter, Scott Kazmir, flew ahead yesterday which seemed like a party pooping bummer at the time, but now could determine whether the bubbly will flow today or later this week.  The early start complicates PTownFan's celebration.  With the game over in the early afternoon on the west coast,  Mamma could be a little tipsy by the time PTownJr gets home from school.  It's not good to drink alone.  I should probably postpone the party.  What a problem to have...

Uno mas, por favor.  Hoy! 

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