Saturday, September 6, 2008

Where's The Love?

My Google Alerts tab for Brandon Morrow lit up like a Christmas tree this morning. Papers all across the country are singing his praises. Even Yankee Bloggers tipped their caps to the effort. But sadly, no love for BMorrow in his hometown paper! Brandon deserves better than heaping praise from PTownFan in The Pearls of Wisdom Blog. Rich Rupprecht , the Santa Rosa Press Democrat's Baseball Guy, must be working on something extra special for the Sunday morning paper. Meanwhile, this bit from will have to do: Morrow reflects on first start, first win

While digging through every PD electron this morning, I rediscovered a piece Rich wrote a few weeks back about "The Rickey"... Rickey Henderson. That is one Hall of Fame Induction speech I will not miss. You gotta read this: Just Can'tGet Enough Of Those "Rickeyisms"

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