Monday, October 13, 2008

Hey Batter Batter...

Pondering today's pregame Pearls, I was coming up empty. I just didn't want to waste a lot of energy whining about Percy pouting at home with his family instead of travelling with the team. I guess The Bullpen Leader buys into the "There is no I in T-E-A-M, but IS a M-E" thing. That bummed me out. But then The Batting Stance Guy picked me up!  Pearls indeed.

Enjoy a little poke at our guys. And wait 'til you see what he does with the Red Sox.  Take it away Batting Stance Guy...


The only thing he missed is Jonny's glove ritual.


Playoff intensity Youk. Classic!

And you can never be too ready for the next round:

THE DODGERS (Before Hollywood intensity Manny. But I've put in a request):

And, THE PHILLIES. Watch all the way to the end for Kruk.

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