Friday, October 3, 2008

HooRAY! Sox Unraveled In Game One.

Brilliant baseball at The Trop in October.  What fun.  A 6-4 win over the White Sox cast a pall over South Side Chicago but Happy Hour was wild and ca-ray-zy in St. Pete .

Pearls from Game One:

  • Aki!   Akinori Iwamura tripled over Griffey's head and later scored in the 3rd to redirect the momentum and tie the game after a three run homer by Dewayne Wise put the Sox on top 3-1 in the top of the inning.  This clutch piece of hitting will be completely forgotten in a day or two because...

  • Long-oooooo made history, going yard in his first two post-season at bats.  That's only been done once, by Gary Gaetti in 1987. But Evan Longoria did it in his rookie season.  I for one, am retroactively extremely happy that the Rays finished last in 2006.  Otherwise, Evan would most likely be doing all this damage for someone else.  Longo was 3-3 yesterday with 3 RBIs. Keep it up Evan.  Rookie Of The Year might not be enough bling for you.

  • Crikey!  Orlando Cabrera must have been co-starring with Nick Swisher in a Sharpie bat handle doodling commercial instead of reading the pre-game notes on Rays relief pitcher Grant Balfour. Our boy from down under can conjugate the !*@# word more ways than Websters.  Anyone that's faced him this season knows Grant swears to himself on the mound. But it's nothing personal unless you kick dirt in his direction and tell him to throw something over the plate.  Then, be prepared to SIT DOWN.  On three fastballs over the plate. Score one for the Aussie. Good thing pitchers don't bat in this series.

  • Oopsie Daisy!  Paul Konerko ditched the shin guard and jogged toward first on a 3-2 count. C'mon back Paul.  Shoulda let him go.  He came back and hammered three foul balls before sending one over the LF wall.  Somehow, you could just see it coming.

  • No More Honey Do's for Carlos!  Seems Senor Pena was doing some household chores, got something in his eye and couldn't see straight yesterday.  Gotta say, Willy Aybar did an awesome job filling in for the best fielding 1B in baseball.  And a 1 for 2 day at the plate too. 

  • Props For The PTownPro.  Jonny might not be on the post-season roster, but 707's #31 is still In The House... and on every Rays highlight reel. 
The pearliest pearl of them all was the rather routine way the Rays got win #98 of 2008.  And their very first playoff win.  Great baseball in front of a packed house.  Great pitching, excellent defense and plenty of situational hitting. There's a whole lot more where that came from. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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