Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sometimes You're The Bug...

It's tempting to pick apart the Rays Game One loss last night. We could dwell on the missed opportunities.  But we'll leave that to the guys with Press Passes.  Who got to watch the game.  In person. I'm still bitter about the zipcode profiling. 

No one expected a sweep, so let's just chalk last night up to a case of the willies. 

The Pearls will play the PollyAnna card.  Let's visualize Rays' brilliance in Games Two, Three, and Four.  So the boys can come home and win the ALCS in front of fans that love them.  So much more fun.

  • Longo starts hitting again.  Seeing eye singles and bloop doubles are good enough. Ask Navi. Don't put so much pressure on yourself. 
  • Kaz rocks the Sox, throwing in the low 90's, painting the corners, and getting into the 7th inning.
  • The bottom third of the order regain their clutch hitting greatness.  The other two thirds at least hit the danged ball.
  • CC will make a Superman Dive to save runs from scoring. Would be especially sweet if this happened at Youkilis' expense.
  • Wear it.  Someone may feel the heat of retaliation for the one that got away from Balfour last night. Let it go. We don't need more of that benchclearing kind of mojo.
  • Craig Sager wears something that doesn't embarrass the Easter Bunny.
Tonight, we are the windshield. Bring it on.

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