Thursday, October 9, 2008

Unravel 'Em Rays

Rays Roster Revisions: As the clock ticks down to Game One of the ALCS tonight at 5:37 PTown time, the Rays released the official series roster. Eric Hinske slides over to make room for an 11th pitcher.  Edwin Jackson, one of the regular season starters gets the nod over the Rays semi-official regular season closer, Troy Percival. Whew. I can pad the Bubbly Budget with unspent Rolaid/Tums bucks. You hate to see anyone not make the roster at this point in the season, but the reality of needing a couple of long relievers at some point in this 5 game series there.  Hinske's comment?  "'s not about me; it's about the team winning ballgames."  Class act.

Fandemonium: The Florida Aquarium is tossing Red Sox shaped snacks into their rays tank at 2pm today.   And check out this sand castle.  Game on!

The 26th Roster Spot: You won't see 'em on the line-up card, but the rings that support the dome at the Trop are just as likely to get into the game as any reserve player.  Here's an interesting look at four controversial rings the Rays already own.

EggBowl Distracts PTown Baseball Fans  ALCS Game One just happens to fall on the night of The EggBowl. That's the annual gridiron meeting of Petaluma's two public high schools.  It's a legendary battle.  This is one PTown fan will be watching baseball.  Go Rays. Unravel 'em.

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