Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Young Rays Fan Takes One For The Team

Jonny Gomes continues to generate as many photo ops as the 25 guys that get their names in the box score each night.  PTown's fire breathingaxe swinging   shock jock set the Ray Hawk craze in motion and it just keeps gathering steam.   Whew.  Hope those mouse clicks were worth the trouble ;-)

Last week 7th Grader Zachary Sharples, his dad, and younger brother hopped on the RayHawk bandwagon in the ultimate show of support for their team.  The Powers That Be were less than inspired when Zach got to school the next day.  The Princi-pal invoked the "high and mighty" princi-ple and deemed Zachary's hawk to be a distracting hairstyle . Despite the District Office's failed attempt to provide documentation of said dresscode clause.  Zach's options?  Serve In-school Suspension til his hair grows out or shave his head (like that's not distracting???).  Little did they know that the Sharples were moving across the Bay to RayHawk friendly St. Pete just a few days hence.  Problem solved. 

Jonny, having had a few brushes of his own with the PTBs in his youth, wanted to be sure that Zach felt the love and appreciation of the entire Rays Organization.  The Sharples were already planning to attend Game Two of the ALCS at St. Pete's new tourist Mecca, Tropicana Field so Jonny arranged a surprise on-field pass for the young lad.  Here's Zach to tell you all about it:

Did you happen to catch the Reverse RayHawks several Boston fans were sporting during the game last night?  Me neither.  But PTownJr spotted them and was quite excited.  The burgeoning Rays Blogger Network quickly Googled to the ends of the Internet looking for pics. Coming up short, the ever reliable Bugs and Cranks provided this Artist's Rendering of Dennis Eckersley with a Reverse RaysHawk.  It illustrates, quite well, the Red Sox Nation's failed attempt to hijack the Rays mojo. I used to like Eck. A lot. But he's been a little to pro-Beantown for me this week.  Serves him right.

What can possibly be next?

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