Thursday, December 11, 2008


The MLB Arbitration Deadline is Midnight Friday.  Will the Rays give PTown's Shock Jock a pittance in arbitration to keep him on the roster... then trade him who knows when for who knows what?  Or will they do the honorable thing and make the Devil Rays MVPNOPR (Most Valuable Player Not On The Playoff Roster) a  free agent by non-tendering him at Friday's deadline

Time for Gomes' Homies to band together.  I have a plan to get Jonny Gomes out of Tampa Bay.  It's a combination of propoganda, schmaltz, and high tech wizardry. Despite warnings that it could never work, it seems to me that all those "Gas Boycott" emails did finally bring the oil companies to their knees. Heck, gasoline is just a buck-seventy-nine right here in River City for the first time in years!  There is power in numbers so let's make some noise.

I have popped a Special Edition FREE JONNY GOMES Playlist into this post.  Just  point your speakers at St. Petersburg, FL (coordinates 27.782254, -82.667619), hit that PLAY button, and commence fire. While many of these tunes totally rock, others are simply Noise Warfare sure to make Sternberg and Friedman crack... and rescind any offer they were about to tender, thereby freeing Jonny Gomes from the bondage of his Rays' captivity.  Feel free to suggest any ommissions that could compromise the success of this mission.

Hit PLAY and unleash the harmonic convergence of the 707 Area Code on the Powers That Be.  FREE JONNY GOMES!

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