Friday, December 19, 2008

PTown Pearls

The pace of Hot Stove transactions may be dizzying for The Comcast Slowskis but unless you're into the whole Borea$$ (sp?) thing,  it's been a snooze this week.  So I will fill the void with some praise for a few PTown Area Proprietors that I am especially grateful for this holiday season.  Add them to your phone.  They are perfectly pearlacious...
  • Tim Kerrigan Painting (415)716-8880:  If  teetering on a ladder in a two story entry way isn't your idea of a good time or if you're just picky about your paint, Tim's team is The Bomb.  They are quick yet meticulous, super easy to work with, and if they say they'll be there at 7a.m., you'd better not be lounging around in your jammies.  They aren't afraid to share some How To's for those of us who have to Do $ome Of It Our$selve$ in this wretched economy.
  • Marin Kitchen Works peformed the cosmetic facelift of our super sterile and totally worn out all-white "what were they thinking" kitchen.  It's amazing what a new countertop and some paint with pigment can do.  We couldn't swing a full blown remodel so we upgraded the cabinet doors, replaced the white corian countertops with an amazing textured green marble, and picked some fun colors. When it was done, even the designer said it looked like a whole new kitchen instead of a fixer upper.  You will never work with more reliable and quality craftsmen than Clint, Bruce and Scott. And we thank them for the intro to Kerrigan Painting.
  • Peterson's Paint (763-1901):  The best paint store in the North Bay.  Benjamin Moore paint just rocks.  And these guys will steer you in the right direction whether its tools, finish, prep or breaking a spousal stalemate over several shades of red for the dining room.  Proprietor Sean Lile is a huge supporter of Little League, Camp For A Cure, Fall Ball and anything else in PTown that involves a ball and bat.  And if he's ever temporarily out of something you need pronto, try the guys at Dunaway Automotive Paint (762-7474). Turns out, they use use some of the same stuff.  Get there early enough and you might also score a donut ;-)
  • My Field Of Green's farm fresh eggs:  If you have ever been spoiled by farm fresh eggs you know how amazing they are.  Sort of like a Lagunitas Censored Rich Copper Ale vs. a Bud Light.  You can buy these heavenly huevos at Whole Foods Market in Petaluma.  Look for the carton stamped "Rainbow Eggs" on top (usually the stack on the left).  They are from Araucana chickens and are the most lovely shade of pale blue green.  A great color for a kitchen backsplash, in fact.
  • Finally, if you're looking for great takeout that leaves some pesos in the bank for Christmas, Mi Pueblo es muy bueno.  Call in an order (762-8192) and you can usually pick it up within 20 minutes. Authentic, plentiful and something for everyone on the menu.
Have a PTown Pearl worthy of a mention?  Leave a comment or shoot me an email. 

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