Monday, January 5, 2009

Chad Fillinger's Big League Camp Signups Underway

PTown Pro Chad Fillinger will hold his third annual Big League Camp for 10-12 year olds later this month. Chad's camp is a great way for your son or daughter to knock the barnacles off the old bat and glove and get ready for Little League Try-Outs in early February. Chad is offering two camps. The first is January 24th/25th and the second is January 31/February 1. Camp is from 9am to 3pm both days.  PTown Pro Joey Gomes (Joliet Jackhammers) and Sebastopol Pro Brandon Burgess (AA Mobile Bay Bears) will be coaching with Chad.  

PTown Junior has been to both of Chad's camps.  And a bunch of other ones.  He would tell you that Chad's camp is the best.  And the most fun.  He's hoping Chad and the guys can squeeze in a Big Leauge Camp for Big Guys before they jet off to their teams this spring.

Check out the Big League Camp website for more information.

Here's a slideshow of the 2006 Camp. Boy does time fly.

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