Thursday, February 12, 2009

PTown Pearl Of The Week

Loyal Pearls of Wisdom reader Ralph Gentile is celebrating his 25th anniversary as a devoted employee of the American Automobile Association this week.  For most of us, these employee anniversaries are an excuse for a nice piece of cake and a photo up with a higher up mucky muck.  Maybe even a pic in the company newsletter and eye candy on the company website.  Thankfully, our loyal reader's boss has a sense of humor and shared his tribute to Ralph via email.  Which is now snaking its way around PTown and probably all the way back to Italy where Ralph was once the star of his Italian Pro Baseball Team.  So what the heck... let's increase his exposure.  POW readers, a tip of the cap to Ralph Gentile's distinguished career with AAA:

Ralph Gentile - 25 Years with AAA February 16, 2009

As young as Ralph may look, one begins to question his age as his personnel file is over 3 inches thick. It's like couting the rings on an old old tree.

Some interesting tidbits from Ralphs file. When he applied in 84' He could type at a blazing 35 WPM hence the calloses on his fingers. His technical reviews from Claims Rep I (yep that's what they were called back then, and we're back to the same name) onward are all stellar proving Ralph's ability…. to completely fool all his sups and managers with his diabolical manipulation techniques, hence his transition to supervision.

The best of the conmments on the reviews was "I wish I had 18 adjusters like Gentile!!"

Back to the topic of age rings, it turns out that almost an inch of the 3 inch packet that is Ralph's life, are compliments from members. Mysteriously, the handwriting on 1/2 the compliments are very similar, and has a remarkable resemblence to his mother's handwriting….. Hmmm.

And as the legendary Coach of the Casa Grande Baseball Team, Paul "My Hero" Maytorena said, "I feel better about paying my premiums this year."   Ralph "FE" Gentile is much of the brains and the brawn behind the highly successful Gaucho Baseball Program and Paul will be needing to write a 15year tribute for FE very soon.  No pressure Paul.

Cheers FE!  Won't be finding this poster in the breakroom any time soon.

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