Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Power Surge In Cincinnati

Photo: DayLife Images

Well Woo-Dee-Hoo! That's what an opposite field grand slam looks like.  Pearlacious!

PTown's Gomes hit a grand slam upon entering the game in the 7th against the Red Sox today, scoring what proved to be the winning run. The Reds went ahead 9-2 on the effort and the bullpen promptly tried to give it all back. Final score, Reds 9, Sox 8.  For a team trying to generate runs with smallball this spring training, they continue to knock a lot of balls over the fence. 

Yesterday Gomes generated the Red's only offense. Today his power stroke won the game.  Batting .400, leading the team in RBIs and showing some defensive versatility. Like what you see Dusty?

Time to start paying attention to some other teams.  The Rays are off to a wobbly start in Spring Training (3-4) while Seattle, who could just conjure up a 2009 World Series Crown, is the only unbeaten team (4-0).  The Rays' bats are coming to life though.  With the WBC diluting the Spring Training rosters, we can't get too excited either way until the regular lineups take the field.  That said, the WBC seems to be a blessing in disguise for Jonny giving him lots of at bats and defensive opportunities.  Better start scouting tickets at AT&T PTown.

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  1. Baseball fan from PetalumaMarch 4, 2009 at 9:10 AM

    Nice to see Jonny doing well. Spring Training games may not count but the effort does. Hope he keeps it up and continues to rep the 707 area code in the MLB.


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