Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tower Of Power...

To those who don't care about scores or win/loss records in "pretend" Spring Training games, cover your eyes and stick your thumbs in your ears like you do when CNN brings you live Olympic updates from around the globe three hours before you want to see 'em.

NEWSFLASH:  The 2009 Cincinnati Reds won a game with a lot of small ball and their 4th grand slam Spring Training this afternoonHere's a nice little recap by Slyde at The Red Reporter but since it's light on the PTown Pro's contribution, I'll tack my iPhone report onto his eye witness report. 

PTown's Gomes pinch hit for Alex Gonzalez in the 7th, wore a pitch, and worked it to third base on a pickoff attempt throwing error.  Gomes then scored on a Craig Tatum sac fly to give the Reds a two run lead. The Bucs tied it up in T9.  With two outs in the bottom of the 9th Jonny hit a two out single off of... ahem... another RHP... to get something started.  He was replaced by a pinch runner. A walk and a wild pitch later, the bases were loaded for Dickerson who grounded to first, forcing extra innings.  The Pirates scored in the top of the 10th making the score 6-5.  Cincy lead off the bottom of the 10th with a double  followed by a walk.  Danny Richar advanced the runners with a sac bunt and Pittsburgh intentionally walked Kevin Barker in light of his earlier home run in the 6th.  That jammed the bags for Darnell "who" McDonald.   McDonald rose to the occasion with a grand slam walk-off to right field and continues to be hard to ignore in the contest for a roster spot.

Nice work guys.  I think you'll be fun to watch this year. This is how it starts.

OK you curmudgeons baseball purists can uncover your eyes and pull your thumbs out of your ears now.  The rest of us have had our moment ;-)

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