Friday, May 22, 2009

Gomes Puts A Charge In His First At Bat For The Reds

Scorched a double on his first pitch as a Red in an 8th inning pinch hit appearance in a tied game.  Dusty inserted speedy Chris Dickerson as a pinch runner who became the go ahead run when rookie infielder busted an 0-14 streak, driving in the run with a double of his own. 

Way to light a fire under 'em Jonny!


  1. Way to go Jonny!!!!

    Steve Pearson was 1-4 last night for the Wingnuts, he's hitting .370 after the first 8 games.

  2. Awesome (not so) Anonymous. Thanks for the report! Have passed it on to his high school coaches.

  3. Gomes goes 1-4 Saturday night
    Pearson goes 0-3

  4. And, Jonny gets another start today, batting cleanup!!

  5. Sunday night Steve Pearson goes 2 for 5, 2 runs, 1 rbi, as the Wingnuts slap around the X's for a 3 game sweep.

    Jonny goes 1-5 before being removed from the game.


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