Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gomes Tries To Prevent Bats From Caving

Aye yae yae.  Or however you spell it.  The AAA Louisville Bats have lost seven straight and dropped from a cushy Division lead to 1.5 games out.  Through it all, Jonny Gomes is on fire.  Again.  Absolutely killin' left handed pitching.  He's hitting .387 vs lefties and a respectable .247 vs righties.  His .935 OPS (1.403 vs LHP) is 7th in the league and his .578 SLG is 5th in the International League. Gomes leads the Bats in hits (36), HR (9), RBI(27), total bases (74) and one other category we won't mention cuz you surely know what it is and I don't wanna talk about it.

With Cincinnati dropping to 4.5 games out in the NL Central, the "Free Jonny Gomes" chants have begun in earnest.  And Alice In Chains' "The Rooster" is high on everyone's play list.  While Cincinnati's Tavaras and Nix have gotten it done in the outfield but lack power for the Reds, Dickerson, McDonald and Hairston have been rather underwhelming.  The only one hitting well against lefties is McDonald (.300) but he's only .059 vs RHP. No power and no stolen bases.  This trio isn't making up for it with defense either, combining for 5 errors. 1B Joey Votto has missed several games with undiagnosed dizziness forcing Rosales to slide over. The team may need someone that can play an occasional 1B off the bench until we know what's up with Votto whose production is sorely missed.

Time to get back in this thing.  Free Jonny Gomes.


  1. I agree that Gomes is the guy to call up, especially since the Reds are facing some fierce lefties the next few days, but 1B is covered - Rosales and R. Hernandez. Needless to say, I'm more concerned about Votto, not who will replace him if needed. That said, I don't like McDonald, or for that matter Hairston, in clutch situations. Gomes is the guy to bring up, that is of course, if Volquez is only going to miss one start. Until then, or Gomes comes up, give it to Nix and get well Joey...PLEASE!!!

  2. You're right. Not the same team without Votto. I hope it's nothing serious.

  3. I'm not sure about the comment "a respectable .247 against righties"

    The Wignuts visit the Explorers this weekend, time to go see a PTown product!!

  4. Every PTown Pro needs a Pollyanna Anonymous ;-)

    I haven't met Steve Pearson but his legend is told well by Coach Gordie who is a big SP fan. The Wingnuts didn't invite that excitable manager back this year did they? The bat weight "glasses" were hilarious last year. A classis temper tantrum.

  5. AHAHAHAHAHA......that was a classic tirade.
    They got rid of that manager after the season.

    Go Jonny Go.....make the best of this opportunity.


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