Saturday, June 13, 2009

PTown's Joey Gomes Headed West

PTown Fans who have been hoping to see Joey play a little closer to home are in luck.  Today he accepted a trade to the Edmondon Capitals in the Golden League.  That's Edmonton.  Alberta.  Canada.

Sometimes you have to go north to go south.  Like getting out of the parking lot at Orchard Supply Hardware.  Go right, flip a U-Turn and get home a lot faster. 

Same for Joey. His new team plays up and down the West Coast.  An 1,800 mile swath of the Wild Wild West stretching from Edmondton (north of Calgary where Santa Rosa's Fehlandt Lentini is rocking the leaderboard with a .465 average)  to Yuma, AZ just this side of the Mexican border. Fortunately for all of us PTown fans, the Chico Outlaws are at just about the halfway point and the Capitals play a series there beginning June 30th. 

Fortunately for Joey, the team ride is a plane, not a bus. 

He's movin' on up folks.  A winning team (11-10), an airplane (number of props TBD) and a series just hours away.  Road trip anyone?

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