Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Appeasing the Baseball Gods

So the Tampa Bay Rays are just rockin' along doin' their thing and winning series after series. We've even learned to relax if they're down by a few runs in the 6th inning. The bottom third of the order will come through again. And, hey... clutch defense? Count on it.

Then the New York Yankees come to town and the (Devil) Rays re-appear out of nowhere. My boys committed so many errors by the 5th inning yesterday, I couldn't take it anymore. I headed to the batting cages to work off some aggression. The five minute drive game me time to think. I realized their sudden twist of fate is my own darned fault!

See, Johnny Damon's autographed bat has been sitting in the corner of our bedroom for 2 years. It was a great pickup for a good cause at Camp For A Cure. Mr and Mrs PTownFan have a major soft spot in their hearts for Johnny despite those annoying pinstripes. But I got tired of staring at a cardboard tube. I took it upstairs and stuck it in a closet. Big deal.

Apparently so. The Baseball Gods took exception. I believe in that stuff. Your bat is back in the corner Mr. Damon. And this time, it's outta the tube. You can stay there as long as you want. I want My Rays back.

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