Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gomes To Be Recalled?

The Rays are in a world of hurt. After being swept by the Jays, they dropped the opening game of the biggest series of the season last night. The Sox shut 'em down and shut 'em out. The nice cushy lead in the AL East has been whittled away faster than the limbs on the Treesitters Tree in Berkeley. And there's more. BJ Upton is out 'til the weekend with a strained a quad , Shawn Riggans is out with inflamation/possible infection in his right knee, and rarely used reliever Juan Salas had a siezure before the game last night.
The Rays are runnin' thin and the call for reinforcements goes out today. Gomes and newly acquired AAA journeyman catcher Michel Hernandez are the buzz. Elliott Johnson also generates some chatter given his ability to play both the infield and outfield. Former Athletic Dan Johnson has also hit well in Durham and could be in the mix. Neither Dan Johnson or Hernandez are on the 40 man and would require a roster move. With the Bulls playing for their own championship this week, it will be interesting to see whether the Rays opt for a third catcher on their own bench or roll the dice with two catchers or raid Durham for some insurance on the bench. Hey! Jonny's got some time behind the plate. It's been awhile, but...

As I said before, short of some amazing sustained offensive fireworks display, an injured outfielder or DH would be Jonny's ticket back to Tampa Bay. Door number two just opened. We'll see who the PTBs (Powers That Be) have chosen to walk through it. Should know by gametime.

As for the Rays lackluster play of late, Cliff Floyd organized a players only "get together" to chat about some things last night. A few players were apparently more concerned with maintaining a comfortable wild card position than winning the AL East. THANK YOU CLIFF!

My money is on the treesitters giving up before the Rays do. Man, I hope I'm right. It's gettin' ugly right now. Arrests, scuffles, cameras flying and the Police Chief on a crane hoisted platform giving the sitters the what-for one last time. Time to come down people.

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