Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Admit It...

... I'm in a funk. The Rays have lost two in a row and now share the AL East lead with Bean Town. No action for the PTown Ray. Unless you count the K's. Which I've temporarily stopped tallying cuz it makes me crabby. Sunday's loss to the Yanks perturbed me but I was able to shake it off. Monday night's improbable clobbering of Kaz at The Trop by the Sox just left me with absolutely nothing to say.

The upside to these down days are that I become very productive. The last few days, I blasted through some boring old chores that I've put off for weeks. Even months. I really think it's pretty silly to rant and rave at your team through a TV screen. So, when things get shaky for the Rays, I take the laptop outside, crank the volume and start digging in the dirt. Our dirt is not easy to dig this time of year. Despite some very deliberate digging, I managed not to jam the damn shovel through an irrigation line... the perfect storm scenario for a overly excitable baseball loving gardener.

I gotta good feeling about tonight. Game two v. Boston at The Trop. The Rays' bats are slow to wake up, but Perez has already made some nice catches as our backup CF. Sonny's dazzling arm angles seem to be confusing the Sox. If they need another inning of dizzying deception, I'm sure Chad Bradford is willing to help scrape up a set-up. Hopefully, we'll need a set-up and not a B9 catch up. Venturing a guess about tonight's potential closer is too scary to think about. I guess I'll let Joe surprise me. But if Percy takes the mound, you will find me and the laptop in the back yard with a garden fork and a sack of compost in the bottom of the 9th.

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