Sunday, September 14, 2008

PTown's Gomes Back In The Show

Jonny Gomes got the call to Yankee Stadium following Durham's Governor's Cup loss to Scranton Wilkes Barre Friday night. Jonny and teammate David Price, the number one pick of the 2007 draft and USA Today Minor League Player Of The Year, made their way to the Big Apple, arriving early Saturday morning. A rainout Friday night forced a day/night doubleheader yesterday. PTownFan was determined not to miss a pitch and topped off the iPhone's juice before heading to PTownJr's 10:30 game. Seems the guys at the controls of the MLB iPhone App aren't equipped for last minute changes. No game one coverage! Sheesh! So... no insightful analysis to soften the cold reality of an 0-4 day for Jonny. He was 0-3 in game one with a K, a fly ball and a line out in 5 innings before Maddon subbed in Gabe Gross, apparently after Jonny had already taken the field. RHP Mike Mussina has had the Rays' number all season long so Maddon threw him a curve yesterday going with all all right handed lineup in game 1. It worked. Rays 7, NYY 1.

Game two was a bummer. Garza was rattled right from the start. Jonny K'd in a late pinch hit appearance as the Rays dropped game two 6-5 despite a grand slam from Ben Zobrist. Dedicated Rays fans have warmed up to Bennie and his timely offense over the course of the season. No long after yesterday's slam though, Zobrist mishandled a fairly routine double play ball erasing all of his offensive contribution. Sloppy D by a few Rays cost them the game, but they're still 2 games ahead of Boston.

The Rays play their final game in Yankee Stadium today and will take home the prized souvenier of a series win. Probably a bitter sweet day for Jonny. The Cathedral was the site of his first major league hit as he went 2 for 3 at DH on September 12, 2003. Hopefully he'll get a pinch hit appearance or two today and get to work on that .177 average.

Loved reading about David Price's drive from the airport to Yankee Stadium:
"I've played Grand Theft Auto quite a bit, so I'm kind of familiar with the whole city."

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