Friday, September 5, 2008

If I Were A BlueJay On Throwback Jersey Night...

... I would call in sick. They have to be the ugliest uni's ever hatched in the MLB. So-o-o-o much worse than those rainbow striped Astros' threads. I'd sooner be caught wearing those icky green and neon yellow A's duds with the elastic waistband.
These things are so much Selsiun Blu-ier than this picture would lead you to believe. Royal blue stripes, socks and helmets just make the whole thing worse.

The newest teams in baseball have a few advantages. No "Curse of The Bambino" and no ghastly old uniforms on throwback night.
I'm watching the Rays/Jays game. 6-4 Jays in the top of the 9th. The new guy, Fernando Perez, who got the call-up over Jonny has got some wheels... and his first MLB hit tonight. They say he's a good fielder. Let me tell you, the kid can fly.

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