Saturday, September 27, 2008


And the entire baseball universe. It took a rain delayed rout of the Boston Red Sox by the New York Yankees well after midnight in a deserted Fenway Park to do it, but the Tampa Bay Rays are the American League East Champions. The Cinderella Season continues. Absolutely, totally, completely awesome!  cRAYzy.

Detroit had a Tiger in the tank again last night torturing Rays fans with a 6-4 lead featuring home run #498 and 499 for Gary Sheffield. Sonny got in a 5 run hole early and the Rays just couldn't get the runners in. But let's not dwell on the negatives.  BJ was 3-4 last night and we will need that bat.  Jonny did a great job of getting around the bases in his pinch run appearance setting up a bases loaded potential game winning 2 out AB for Carlos Pena.  Sadly, it ended with a fly out and a long wait as the skies opened in Boston.  But at 9:52 PTown time, we popped the cork and celebrated a most amazing metamorphosis.

The Angels clinched last night and opted to begin their series on Wednesday.  The Rays will begin on Thursday against either the White Sox or the Twins. 

But first things first.  Two more games to play. Maybe some ABs for the PTown Pro. A shot at 98 regular season wins. Whoda thunk it?

Enjoy some celebration video.  Jonny sighting at the 3:42 mark... Party Like A Rock Star

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