Monday, October 6, 2008

Sweeps Are Boring

The Rays lost in Chicago yesterday, but no big deal. We almost always drop one on the road. One loss, no biggie. Just means the game plan is on track. Garza wasn't great, but he was good enough. BJ found his stroke and pounded a homer. If he doesn't serve up long balls, Sonny's gonna sew things up tonight.

The Sox/Angels game last night... now that was entertaining. I can't believe I watched 9 straight hours of baseball yesterday. Rain delays, extra innings and a record number of Viagra commercials really add up. But that pile of ironing I've been putting off is all done :-)

I hope the Angels take it to the Sox again tonight. Tie things up. Clean out that bullpen. Soften those BeanTown boys up, then drop the last game. We like homefield advantage. We'll make it up to you somehow. Maybe some cushy hot stove season trade. We won't forget.

Go Rays. Let's button this thing up tonight in ChiTown.

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