Monday, October 6, 2008

White Sox Blacked Out. Rays to ALCS!

Oh my. Win # 100.
They are playing for
the American League Championship.


The eye black is dripping down my shirt. But it's running in rivers down the steps of US Cellular Field. The Chicago Black Out was an awesome show of fan support.

BJ has found his stroke, alright, going yard in his first two at bats. Pena is back on his game after that untimely eye injury on the eve of Game One. The Ray's first baseman was 3 for 4 with 2 RBIs tonight. Cliff Floyd and Dioner Navarro each drove in a run to round out the 6-2 effort for Tampa Bay. Props to Gabe Gross for plucking A.J. Pierzynski's long ball out of the air as it crossed the fence down the 1st base line. Sonny pitched a beautiful 5.2 innings giving up (only) 2 home runs on 3 hits. Grant Balfour came on in relief of Howell in the 8th and stayed in the game to close, facing only 7 batters in two innings. Troy who?

The boys are now pillaging the Visitors' Club House at US Cellular Field while the Angels try to send their series with the Red Sox back to LA. That's a fine idea. Another double digit inning, bullpen bashing, marathon would be a delightful way to spend a Monday evening. Then you can count on PTown fan to phlip phlop one more time. An ALCS match up with Boston means home field advantage for the Rays. And we totally rock at The Trop.

Dear Mrs. Pena,
If (only) you read my blog, please don't give Carlos any "honey do's" between now and the end of October.  We need both eyes on the ball.  Big time.  I totally rock at dusting.  I'm happy to fill in.  Limited time offer...  After RockTober, it's over.
Feel the love,


  1. Go Rays.....

    Correction - US Smellular field

  2. Thanks for fixin' that for me ;-) ChiTown Fans are having a very tough week. The Chicago River must be running black and blue.


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