Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October Baseball... At The Trop!

Gosh, that's fun to say.

The White Sox are the Rays' first victim. Hopefully they'll be exhausted on Thursday after winning a make-up game against Detroit on Monday which forced a play off game with The Twins yesterday. The Sox scraped up a 1-0 win on a Jim Thome home run. I like our chances against the South Siders... who are 5 and 17 in dome games this year. And lost 6 of 10 to the Rays in '08.

Speaking of the Trop, it's looking mighty fine as the Playoff Bling is installed.

But PTownFan will only see it on television. Passed over AGAIN in the second second chance drawing for game 5 tix. Zipcode Profiling ! That's OK. We won't need a Game 5 to get to Game 1 of the ALCS.
And everyone wants to help. Actor Kevin Costner, who actually made a few good movies including Bull Durham and Field of Dreams before giving up his day job to become a musician of sorts, has recorded a song for the Rays. It's dreadful. But we appreciate the effort Kev. Bet he even gets a playoff game ticket. Sheesh.
Finally, talk about a Press Pass. The average West Coast fan may barely notice, but the Rays TV team of DeWayne Staats and Joe Magrane were passed over for the ALDS. Instead, Red Sox Announcer Don Orsillo will call our games. WHAT?

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