Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No PTownPro in ALDS... Unless...

So far, neither the Rays nor the press are spilling the beans about the complete ALDS roster.  Marc Lancaster, Rays beat writer for the Tampa Tribune, is reporting on Twitter that Jonny Gomes will not be on the ALDS roster but will travel with the team.  That last little bit could mean a lot.  Perhaps Jonny would be the next one activiated should one of the Rays outfielders or DH be injured.  With BJ Upton's shoulder likely requiring off-season surgery, Carl Crawford's recent return from hand surgery, Rocco's stamina being a day to day thing, and Cliff Floyd's aching knee, there is a chance.  This fan, for one, fexpects the Rays to need 3 rounds worth of 25 healthy players.  We're going all the way! 
Tonight's one game playoff between The Twins and the White Sox will decide who the first unlucky foe shall be.

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