Sunday, November 9, 2008


The Pearls of Wisdom follows the daily pursuit of America's Game  in the MLB, MiLB, and Indy Leagues by Petaluma area pros.  It starts with the trade and promotion chatter of the Hot Stove Season. If we conjur up enough mojo, a pearlacious peak may be reached with a World Series berth in October. The Baseball Gods delivered in 2008 as The Pearls revelled in the glory of an American League Pennant and a World Series berth for PTown boy Jonny Gomes and his Tampa Bay Rays... and a World Series Win for Santa Rosa's Eric Bruntlett, a Philadelphia Philly.

And so it begins again... the hot stove is simmering and The Pearls has an ear to the ground for winter chatter about the PTown Area Boys of Summer.

Sonoma's Tommy Everidge is busting the lumber and flashing the leather in winter league action for Puerto Rico's Los Gigantes de Carolina. The Pearls daily Cup O' Jo will keep you posted on Tommy's season in the Caribbean as he tries to break through to Triple A in the Oakland A's Ogranization this spring.

A little background on winter ball in the Caribbean. Leagues in Mexico, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico form The Caribbean Leagues who play a championship tournament in January to cap off the season.  This year, it will be held in Mexicali, Mexico, just a few hundred yards over the border from San Diego. Three games into the season, Tommy Everidge's Carolina Gigantes are on top of the Puerto Rican League standings and PTownFan thinks a road trip is in order if they make it to Mexicali.  That's a little like calling Tampa Bay for a World Series berth in April of 2008, but you gotta believe.  Viva Las Gigantes!

The Puerto Rican league nearly went kaput at the end of the 2006 season.  Low attendance and shrinking profits forced a year off in 2007 for restructuring with the help of Major League Baseball. A peak at a few of the league rosters reveals some big names from Major League and farm club teams and good opening day attendance.  The Carolina Gigantes were the 2005 and 2006 Champions and play in Roberto Clemente Stadium.  You can bet they're fired up to keep the streak alive.

Tommy has done well, batting .300 going 1 for 3, 2 for 3 and 0-4 in the first three games as the Gigantes first baseman.  And only one K.  He's picking up where he left off mashing for the Midland Rockhounds during the 2008 season. 

Tommy is always one of most popular Pros at Petaluma's annual Camp For A Cure.  We missed him at yesterday's Camp but the signed baseballs he sent were a big hit in the Silent Auction.  The 5th Annual Camp was a hit once again with Brandon Morrow and Jonny Gomes headlining the All Star Coaching Staff.  And, once again, a lot of good was done by hundreds of NorCal families rallying to find a cure for Cancer and Lupus.  Here's hoping that our little camp turns the tide for more Most Valuable Persons like Baseball Betty.

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