Friday, November 7, 2008

Viva Las Perlas !

The Pearls is grateful to the Beisbol Gods for a few more months of hardball action south of the Border.  The Caribbean Winter League opened last night. The Pearls will become bilingual for the next few months and follow the action in Puerto Rico. Tommy Everidge, a PTown Area Pro, was in the heat of the action with a single to get things going for his team, los Gigantes de Carolina.   Tampa Bay Rays Fans... if there are any farm hands you'd like me to follow during Winter Ball, just hit that comment button and let me know.

Las Perlas will try to keep the recaps short and sweet, but sometimes the Pearls of Wisdom that Google Translator provides are just too precious not to pass along.  I will rustle up my All Time Top 10 from years past for a post next week. To give you a taste, today's post is pure, unedited Googleator.  No doubt, muchas mejores Perlas are in our Winter Ball future.  For your sake, I really hope that Google doesn't get smarter over time because the literal translation of game recaps has been fair fodder for a Letterman Top Ten list in the past.

Actually, I'm just lazy today.  More than a skiff of rain is forecast for tomorrow's Camp For A Cure event and my editing time is trumped by the need to repackage the Silent Auction in a waterproof format !!#!!.???  Aye caramba! 

And... the forecast has scared off most of the bare bones volunteer crew.  If you could lend a couple of hours to a Really Good Cause tomorrow under the Silent Auction tent, I would sure appreciate your help.  You will feel so good about being part of such a good thing.   

So much to do, so little time.  Mas Perlas. 


The receiver John Pachot Lin batted in the closure of the entry, the 10th home run that gave the Santurce Cangrejeros of the victory by 5-4 over the Carolina Giants on Thursday in the opening match of the season in the Puerto Rican baseball.

Cangrejeros returned to the professional circuit after an absence of four seasons with foot and pulled the campaign law number 70 of the ball in the island, after a recess in the 2007-2008 campaign back on track with the name of Puerto Rico Baseball League.

The ceremonies and an intense downpour combined to delay for over two hours the start of the meeting. (Ed: sound familiar?)

The Carolinian opened the blackboard in the first episode with a double to Ruben Gotay and an error of first baseman Javier Valentin cangrejero.

The hosts will get even stepping on the plate in the third, fourth, fifth and eighth place tickets for the slate 4-1 in Hiram Bithorn stadium.

Carolina responded in the ninth episode with simple box Tommy Everidge and consecutive doubles by Pedro Valdes and the emerging Rey Navarrete, in addition to a high cull Cesar Crespo, enough to match 4-4.

The tie was broken by the 10 entry with a solo home run in Pachot, who left in the ground to the Giants.

The winner was the left-handed pitcher Xavier Cedeno (1-0), who launched the 10th inning and left with Rolas to the table to his three opponents.

Greg Atencio (0-1) took the defeat with a single launch, which launched the Pachot home run.

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