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CUP O' JO - Nov 20, 2008

PTown Weather Forecast:  Dreary, damp and drizzly.  Mid 50's.  That will match my mood if the A's don't add Tommy Everidge to their 40 man at today's deadline. That move would protect him in the Rule 5 Draft and keep local hopes alive that one of our guys might actually get to play close to home.  The A's added two pitchers yesterday, bringing the roster to 39 and aren't likely to use the final slot for Tommy. But hey, gotta believe.  C'mon Billy. Let's fill up the Coliseum with North Bay Sports Fans. 
TOMMY EVERIDGE - Los Gigantes de Carolina, Puerto Rico (1B, Oakland A's Organization - Midland Rockhounds, AA)  Ouch. Los Lobos de Arecibo gnawed on the Gigantes bigtime yesterday. Tommy was 0-for-5 in the 19-5 loss with two K's, 3 fly outs and, gasp, his third error in three games. 

JASON LANE - Tiburones de La Guaira, Venezuela (OF, 2008 Red Sox Organization - Pawtuckett, AAA): 0-for-3 with a walk as the Tiburone's first baseman yesterday.  Jason's team notched a 6-1 win over league leading Caracas, closing the gap to 3.5 games.  La Guaira's win steak is now 7 games.  Hope Jason can get the bat going soon. His .167 average in only a few dozen ABs doesn't mean much, but they're not too patient down there given the high cost of gringo talent. Jason hit .233 during the 2008 season with AAA Scranton Wilkes-Barre and AAA Pawtucket. 

The Google-ator of Jason's game was much more upbeat, albeit quite extensive.  For you speed reading Rays fans, I have highlighted the accomplishments of Tampa Bay's Fernando Perez.  The gazelle hit two triples for the losing team after joining them yesterday.  The Google-ator Glossary needs an update after this round.

Wednesday night has a name: Brian Gordon.

When the pitcher came out to greet U.S., responding to the call by the euphoric Fanatic that filled the stands of the stadium University, and is proudly grabbed the hand of his flannel where the Sharks logo, the crowd went crazy.

It is not the first player to be imported fond of the colors and more cheerful because of the team's Venezuelan baseball, but we dare say that's who has earned the highest respect and admiration for one of the most demanding of our Fanatic ball.

Brian Gordon warned that ining the first since the won-lost record of the lions of Caracas, and the high average group that maintains the department as a leader in this tournament, were not enough to put fear.

The first bat of Caracas, imported from a surname which showed that Perez is more than a fallow deer and that is that the speed that made him reach Major Leagues with Tampa Bay, opened with a triple heart by the rave made to fans Lions around that, according to a message circulating on the Internet, should begin to play against the Yankees, the Red Sox and Philadelphia, because apparently this league remains small.

It must be admitted, and remember that it is the team leader of the tournament, with the best record, 3 games and media Sharks, who remains in the second.

But that triple play was called, as they say in La Pastora, phthisic of joy, because Gordon struck out the next three batters, leaving anchored at 90 feet what might have been and was not the race quinella.

The U.S. struck out Marco Scutaro, Jesus Guzman and Jose Kroeger, which is like saying that a range Manny Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez and Jim Thome, according to the form as splendid in these early weeks.

Franklin Morales, the opener of the Lions, was living up to their commitment, and the closure of that first inning also received couple of incogibles, but not to be outdone took out his three outs via punch.

Those who were in the stands thought: Well, get ready to watch a duel of picheo.

And so it was until in the second inning, the newcomer Wilfredo Romero caught a line that he deposited in the stands of Centerfield tempranera advantage to give the team home-club, or the Glorious Tiburones de La Guaira.

The troops salt added two more in the third to reach 3 to zero, and three more in the sixth to give final figures to the game.

The Lions deducted in the sixth with a home run of bigleaguer Franklin Gutierrez who was about to catch Wilfredo Romero in left field, and then Fernando Perez, who is the name of the gazelle who have caraquistas to bat first, hooked his second triple of the game, and again with no outs in the third, with the possibility of putting the game for a career, because in that the opening of the sixth game was 3 to 1.

Scutaro, who already carrying two punches in the game, gave the line pitcher that Gordon became the first out, by 1-3.

Jesus Guzman, who was unstoppable connecting to the center in his previous shift (the second hit of Caracas at the time) by the third shot and "Cachi" launched at home to withdraw the plane Perez, in a reminder that no one is more the ball.

And finally Kroeger failed with short field line to Luis Hernandez to conclude with the threat.

It should be noted that for the first time a pitcher throws Sharks 8 inputs complete, and that Gordon was administered in a way that only 100 picheos needed to complete the 8 inings.

 Ronald Belisario, but did not come in to save (the game was 6 to 1), pulled out as the ninth 1-2-3 on the road to remind the manager Carlos Suber and coach Phil Regan pitcheo to be with him when it comes to the small, and Oscar Salazar connected to two new unstoppable maintained, comfortable, as the batting champion in the league right now.

With this victory Sharks reaches its seventh victory in a row, matching the series and a 3-3 edge with the Caracas Lions. Also important input from Wilfredo Romero (4-2 with a home run and two driven) and Ruben Salazar (4-2 with annotated), who has just arrived to the team emanating from the Aragua Tigers.

Anyway, another night of joy for the Sharks fans who celebrated in big, and that tomorrow will be resting seeing the results of other games because Sharks will be free.

Friday and Saturday play in Puerto la Cruz before some Caribs of Anzoategui who come to sweep in his home recently, but those were other Sharks, with the same enthusiasm and the same delivery, but with a little less luck!

On Friday, must go Harold Eckert and Henry Bonilla on Saturday to finish the sixth week of the tournament.

So to rest ligand to continue, and that come too late!
I'm exhausted after reading that recap.

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