Sunday, November 30, 2008

CUP O' JO - Nov 30, 2008

TOMMY EVERIDGE - Los Gigantes de Carolina, Puerto Rico (1B, Oakland A's Organization - Midland Rockhounds, AA) Woo!  Los Gigantes picked up a WIN yesterday, topping Ponce 5-3.  Tommy was 0-for-3 with a line out to second, a fielder's choice up the middle, and fly out.  The skipper put in a pinch hitter for Tommy in the 8th. 

JASON LANE - Tiburones de La Guaira, Venezuela (OF, 2008 Red Sox Organization - Pawtuckett, AAA): Travel   Jason was also 0-for-3 at first base, but without the happy ending as Los Tiburones went down in a hail of shark teeth with an 11-1 loss.  Lane flied out twice and grounded into a double play and was pinch hit for in the 9th. 
The ever optomistic reporter for the Tiburones implores us to keep the faith:
A total of 13 connected Zulia unstoppable, and had people on base in all inings, with the exception of the seventh inning, when the torch War brought the only junior through 1-2-3 leg of the match, retreating to Brandon by Katina path of punch, with Rodney Medina elevated to second and Juan Pablo Camacho 4-3 on the road.  (Translation:  Yee haw. A 1-2-3 inning.)

Sharks for their part mounted their only threat in the seventh leg, when La Mura accepted unstoppable followed by Maximiliano Ramirez and Wilfredo Romero, and Ruben Salazar received bolazo to fill the bases with no outs. Jason Lane hit for a double play by the combination 6-4, 4-3, to La Guaira scored their only run. Colonel Chris received another bolazo to replace two on base, but Cesar Suarez failed with rolling for the second to end the threat.  (Translation: Jason Lane drove in The Sharks only run... while grounding into a double play.)  

So forget the bad in this game, replenish energy and prepare to level the series on Sunday before returning to the capital. (Translation... C'mon boys...  feel the PTown love and start hitting that ball!)

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