Friday, November 14, 2008


Things are a little slow on the beisbol front with only one PTown Pro slugging it out in the Caribbean this winter. And it's an off day for Los Gigantes so I dredged up some fill for the mornin' Cup O' Jo.

The Pearls' pre-cursor was a morning email to followers of the Gomes Brothers and Derrick White. The trio played winter ball for the Mexicali Aguilas in 2005. El-Clipos were painstakingly cut from on-line Mexican newspapers and pasted into Google Translator. This budding artificial intelligence technology produced Google-ators in various degrees of hilarity. As we countdown the days to the Puerto Rican League Playoffs and MLB Spring Training, let's revisit the Top 10 Google-ators of 2005. And a few bonus tracks.

With much fanfare and Gasolina music playing in the background ...
Google-ator Pearl #10:
"With big drums and subjects of gossip the director announced that Jonny Gomes would arrive the 8 from November and nothing, soon put of date the 22 of November and everything followed equal, with total hermetism in the offices of the Club..."
The Aguilas were happy to have Jonny back in 2005.  He was the MVP of the entire Caribbean Series the previous winter.   But "total hermetism in the offices of the Club".  Wow.  Manny doesn't get that.

This Google-ator received a 2005 Honorable Mention in the category of Best Drama:

"After the seven defeats in row, the Eagles will look for to avoid another desplumadero...In one of their worse losing gusts of wind in all their history, with seven, the Eagles have remained single in the cellar when falling per 10-2 before the CaƱeros of the Mochis, last night in desolate a Stage of the Sport City."
Regular Readers might find this Google-ator Glossary useful:

Gust Of Wind: streak
Desplumadero: a tragic, plumage plucking loss of the Mexicali Aguilas (Eagles)
Right Patrol Craft: Right Fielder
Central Gardener: Center Fielder
Prescribed Chocolates: Strikeouts
Matched Cardboards: Tied game
Power Station: Center Field
Horsearmour Of The Central Garden: Center Field Wall
Cattles: Wins
Quadrangular one: Home Run
Tomateros: Weak Sour Cherries, a team in Mexico's Winter League, the MLP
Horseradish Tree Francisco: Ben Francisco, a player in the MLP


  1. I hope the Rays are looking for a new Right Patrol Craft.

  2. Yah... I'll have to run "Right Field Platoon" through the reverse Google-ator and see if "Fernando Perez/Rocco Baldelli/Ben Zobrist" comes out the other end.


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