Sunday, November 23, 2008

CUP O' JO - Nov 23, 2008

TOMMY EVERIDGE - Los Gigantes de Carolina, Puerto Rico (1B, Oakland A's Organization - Midland Rockhounds, AA) Did not play in Carolina's 5th straight loss.  Hot hitting outfielder, Armando Rios got the nod at 1B yesterday and went 0-for-3, fueling speculation that a curse has been cast upon peloteros playing that position.  Carolina has dropped into the cellar, 5 games back.

JASON LANE - Tiburones de La Guaira, Venezuela (OF, 2008 Red Sox Organization - Pawtuckett, AAA):  Woo-hoo!  Big night for Jason capped off with a three run jack, producing the team's only runs in their 4-3 loss to Caribes.  Google-ator recaps the 5th inning long ball. 
"The three entries came from La Guaira in the fifth inning, when Edwin Bellorín connected the first encounter by the unstoppable Sharks, Michele Abreu received a ticket, and Jason Lane connected immense square on the left to put the match 3 to zero.
Souths like Jason had an opportunity in an earlier at bat:
In his previous shift, Lane was the victim of a great caught by the outfielder Ray Sadler, who not only stole a EXTRABASE, but also completed a 8-4-3 double play because they Michele Abreu route and headed to the third vat with that the batazo pegaría against the wall.

 And a shot at game winning hero status in the 9th:
Sharks mounted a serious threat in the ninth when Abreu opened with a double to right, but Lane ruled with a strong line that did look at the short field Jonatan Herrera, Maximiliano Ramirez, emerging Liu Rodriguez, who failed with machucón was near the home and was touched by the same Eliecer Alfonso, and Luis Hernandez ruled 6-3 route.

All that and they put a picture of the losing pitcher on the website with a caption that he was unable to achieve his third victory.  Where is the love?

It's election day in Venezuela so no games today. Let's try to conjure up some exceptional mojo for Tommy whose team hosts second place Santurce today.

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