Tuesday, December 2, 2008

CUP O' JO - Dec 2, 2008

No games in Puerto Rico or Venezuela yesterday so I found a few Oldy But Goody Googleators in The Pearls' Treasure Chest from the 2005 Mexicali Aguilas.  In fact, I think the Googleators have commercial potential.  Maybe a beisbol based "Wii Can Learn Spanish" video game starring Yogi Berra. 
“Mays (No... not Willie Mays.  These Pearls aren't THAT old. Or THAT good.) stamped again in the fifth episode.  Aaron Holbert gave simple the power station and the second long cushion was swindled to write down with hit to the power station of Luis Alfonso."
There is much attention to "the equipment" in Latin Beisbol.  A few examples:
“The Naranjeros wrote history in that fifth entrance, where after two outs Jorge Luis Valle and Stolen H├ęctor bound doublets to move the slate and that in the end was a quite heavy stoneware for the dreary equipment."
and one of my all time favorites:
“The foreigners are the peloteros that must inject vitamin to the equipment."
Yes, indeed.  The Tiburones and Gigantes will need many vitamins... and even more hits... from Jason and Tommy during the next few weeks. 

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