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CUP O' JO - Dec 4, 2008

I have been waiting the entire winter ball season for a Google-ator Complete Game worthy of "broadcast" over the Pearls of Wisdom. Fanaticos of beisbol south of the border... we have a winner.  Last night's game between The Sharks and Lions in Venezuela was a thriller and could only have been better if PTown area pro Jason Lane had hit the winning dinger. I already had one Cinderella season with the Rays, so I really wasn't expecting the Beisbol Gods to deliver anymore heroics. Like Jonny Gomes being feted as the 22nd Greatest Devil Ray Ever.  No, Jason is gonna have to conjure up his own legendary home runs.

Without further ado, Google-ator, that nifty little button on your Google Toolbar that turns ordinary Spanish into extraordinary beisbol lore, brings you all the drama of the Leones @ Tiburones on 3 Diciembre, 2008.

Por:Tortuga fuentes 


When Ronald Belisario dominated Franklin Gutierrez rolling with the short field, struck out Marco Scutaro with the third strike sung, and put in two strikes and one ball to left-handed Josh Kroeger opened the ninth entry, with the advantage of two races, the 13,516 who fantato were in the stadium thought Universitario Belisario be credited rescue his fifth of the season.

But it was not. Belisario, rather than saved, left the game as the winner of Picher one of the most exciting matches played in recent weeks by the rank and salty.

The story is as follows. Kroeger hooked him unstoppable right into the garden in mind two strikes and one ball, then Alex Cabrera connected a double for the same sector, which allowed Kroeger scored the fifth glimmer bringing the game 6 to 5.

The manager of the Lions brought a pop to run for Cabrera (Jose Duarte), who scored from second with one of those who batazos in baseball called "rotten" for the second. For those who are unaware of the term, is one of those batazos without forcefulness that does not come with force to any position, forcing the second baseman Liu Rodriguez to attack him with despair to make the first shot at trying to get the final out of the game, which give us the harrowing victory.

Have earned well, with that out desperate, I would have been important, but not as tasty as at the end was the victory.

We continue with the story. The man who hit the so-"rotten" for the second arrived quiet at first, but the runner who was second in his career never stopped, and although the initial shot was rushed to home, it was impossible to avoid the tie.

Needless to say, fans of Caracas who were in the stands on the left held a large way, hurling beers that cost them three thousand bolivars, and shouting the same chorus of classics: "Now sardine, Touch me the samba."

What they did not know was that the Sharks fans, the truth, those who celebrate the triumphs, not walking hitting screams offending players and technicians for any error, these fans really responded to his cry of Batelle " The left, the left, the left! ".

And that was just what they did warriors of Sharks, hit and in the best possible way: with a home run in mileage between the garden center and right, over there where we need to give it a mandarria it out when you're right hitter.

And who was the hero of the night?

The closure of the ninth began with Danny Sandoval received a ticket in 3 and 2 in a well-fought round. Sandoval connected two major unstoppable in this game, and scored both times in the race. But this was the most valuable ticket, possibly.

Gregor Blanco came with a mission to make sacrifices to bring the race to win in the second, but it's not easy maneuvering a line like that of Jose Ascanio, a young man who once belonged to Sharks but now is one of the promises of the Atlanta Braves in The major league baseball. I hope you have not changed, because if so, tomorrow there will be people criticizing my ignorance. What is done. In games like this everything is done in memory.

Total high Gregor failed to foul to catcher for the first out, and Luis Hernandez also failed with another high foul, which was showcased on the defensive left the castle Jose.

With two outs on the board and many fans and journalists who would swear extra innings, Ascanio launched a wild pitch that moved the runner emerging Cesar Suarez (who entered to run for Sandoval) to second.

With the first free and "Cachi" in two balls without a strike, the manager decided to terminate feline moving to confront the fourth bat Maximiliano Ramirez.

Behind Ramirez, in the drawer was prevented from hitting the rookie Angel Rodriguez, who entered in the eighth looking defensive.

The first pitch was a ball Maximilian, and many thought they would receive a ticket in disguise to confront Rodriguez, who likely would be replaced by someone more experienced, as Edwin Bellorín, for instance.

But it seems that Ascanio had other plans, and its second launch before Maximilian was a straight down the middle, which shields the Shark range.

Perhaps emboldened by that swing, Ascanio tried to repeat the dose, and the result was one of the most exciting home runs in recent weeks, he did crazy, once again, to anchor the right side of the stadium, where is the samba and Shark loyal fans, those who stay until the end, and supporting their players on good and bad. Those living insulting possibly when the Lions were Tied.

The receipt of Maximilian on the plate was apoteósica.

All equipment Brincos hitting like crazy, happy for having defeated the Lions in the 4 games that we were being home-club this year. We have two games against our rivals the capital, and both of them will be the hosts. For now the series is 4-3 in our favor.

There were certainly some bad things, as three defensive mistakes that we complicated the scene, but when you win does not speak of evil, not even the 12 punches to us the tip picheo caraquista. None of that account, because in the end we won, which is what matters.

So to celebrate with restraint because we are playing a double game against the Braves Margarita, and with this victory we are tied in third with two more teams.

So to sleep peacefully and wake up smiling, seeing the caraquistas with satisfaction that will be on the tip, but it is a rib of others, not us.

And tomorrow we are in the stadium, to keep the team aupando more cheerful Venezuelan baseball, in good and bad.

The talk is over. Come evening that is!


By the way, Jason Lane was 0-for-2 with two walks and a run scored in last night's drama. He's batting .200.

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