Sunday, December 7, 2008

CUP O' JO - Dec 7, 2008

Neither Tommy or Jason played yesterday so here's a little more levity from the treasure chest of 2005 Mexicali Aguilas google-ator pearls. This one's a beauty...
“Albino Contreras is first out in bad touch that blower pipe the thrower. Perhaps history would have been different if cachanillas had taken advantage of a tempranera opportunity at the first episode where Christian Presichi opened with simple, were swindled the intermediate one and it parked badly in the waiting room in shot of catcher; nevertheless I remain sighing by hit towing then Alvarez was applied in serious thundering against to Javier Aryan Robles and George by the route of ponche before granting passport to Derrick White and dominating with rola to third a Joel Gomes to end any aspiration of the Eagles. Derrick and George are great friends. They always are in contact with the enemy."

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