Monday, December 8, 2008

CUP O' JO - Dec 8, 2008

TOMMY EVERIDGE - Los Gigantes de Carolina, Puerto Rico (1B, Oakland A's Organization - Midland Rockhounds, AA) Hmmm. The Grinch has stolen Tommy's mojo.  He was 0-for-4 with a K in yesterday's extra inning loss to the Leones of the Dominican Republic in Puerto Rican-Dominican Interleague play.  Tommy hit a bunch of fly balls but hoovered every one of the 97 balls that came his way at 1B yesterday. 

JASON LANE - Tiburones de La Guaira, Venezuela (OF, 2008 Red Sox Organization - Pawtuckett, AAA): Not so happy trails for PTown Area Pro Jason Lane.  The Sharks have sent him home.  Alex Sanchez will replace him. Yes, THAT Alex Sanchez. Die hard Rays fans will recall that Alex became a Tampa Bay Ray just a few years after the Coast Guard plucked him from a raft from Cuba.  Not content with surviving the perilous journey and 16 luxurious months at Guantanamo Bay, Alex sought to pump up his chances in the MLB and became the first MLB player to be suspended for performance enhancing drugs (disguised as over the counter nutitional supplements) during his "second chance tour" with the Rays.  He'd been passed around a bit a lot with a history of injuries and a less than stellar clubhouse reputation. Jettisoned from the Rays a second time by Lou Pinella, Sanchez bounced around a bit a lot more before working his way up to a .347 avg with the Atlantic League Long Island Ducks last summer.  At which time he was put on the Inactive List.  Dude appears to have some issues. He will not make The All-Time Greatest Devil Rays Advent Calendar.
Obviously, Venezuela is no longer a wholesome environment for Jason Lane and we welcome him home.  Conveniently, I'm looking for a teammate or Personal Hitting Coach for the January Indoor Hitting League right here in PTown and Jason, I'll bet you would mash. And I'm not a complete liability with a bat. I'm currently almost tied for the lead with the legendary bull rider, Jon Bannister, as I try to defend my back-to-back-to-back championships and match the dynastic record of the Casa Grande Gauchos. Never mind that Jon is hitting left handed. 
As is the Caribbean custom, the firing of the gringo and the arrival of the reinforcement was announced in all the Venezuelan Sports pages:

Alex Sanchez arrives for La Guaira

The gardener will again reinforce Sharks. Jason Lane was fired

La Guaira Sharks did not want to wait any longer for Jason Lane and agile Alex Sanchez will arrive this weekend to replace him in the share of outsiders.

The information provided by the manager Carlos Suber himself before the game against the Magallanes Navigators in Valencia.

"Sanchez will come to the country as soon as possible," said the strategist in his statements from the field of Jose Bernardo Perez Stadium.

Has reinforced earlier to Dogfish, which has left an average of around 300 points.

It is also a gardener with experience of five major league campaigns with the Milwaukee Brewers, Detroit Tigers and San Francisco Giants.

Strengthen the gardens of litoralenses, who kept Ben Harrison and Colonel Chris imported between their position.

It's over the Sharks was expected to some extent patient with the performance of Jason Lane.

After his arrival was several days in the league in parallel, seeking to cap its position before moving to a big team.

The former reinforcement of the Caracas Lions had a dull start, however, preferred the directive mario lost to Colonel Mitchell Abreu when he returned to the country.

He was given a boost to Lane, but he was unable to lift their numbers.

In total, in 14 meetings with salted could barely registering a .209 average, only 9 of 43 turns at bat unstoppable. Vuelacercas downloaded pair, but were not sufficient to convince La Guaira to change their mind.
The Kid in order to see this weekend is expected to debut in the season Francisco Rodriguez, however, has not yet confirmed a date.

In fact, all indications are that the first action of the leader in saves in the Major Leagues in Venezuela this year takes place after the winter meetings of the biggest clubs, that is, beyond the Dec. 11.

As was learned, Rodriguez traveled to the United States with a view to accelerating the negotiations on his next contract. For the first time in his career, "57" is a free agent. The New York Mets were the team that has shown more interest.


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