Tuesday, December 9, 2008

CUP O' JO - Dec 9, 2008

Monday was a day of rest for Puerto Rican beisbol.  And likely a travel day for Jason Lane who is in "onward and upward" mode as Alex Sanchez blows onto the scene to replace him in Venezuela.

Meanwhile, there's a lot of chatter out of the Winter Meetings about JJ Putz and Brandon Morrow.  JJ is drawing a lot of interest from other teams.  If he's moved, you have to wonder if the team would slide Brandon into the closer role given his dominating performance last summer as the Mariners' fireman.

Just in... Bud Selig has given the Oakland A's some latitude to talk to other communities about a new stadium if the Fremont option can't be nailed down quickly.  Yo Bud... come on up.  Let's have a look around. 

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