Monday, January 19, 2009

Parched In PTown...

Not only for some baseball, but some some Salmonella Free Peanuts in my Crackerjax.  I think the FDA will sort that little problem out soon enough, but this weird weather pattern we're under is another story.  We've had only a sprinkle thusfar in January and haven't even reached half of a normal year's precip.  Meanwhile the Pacific NorthWest is swamped two years in a row.  I am refocusing my channeling on the Weather Gods until Spring Training.  The Baseball Gods have their hands full with Scott Boras anyway.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade so I am making the most of this dastardly drought-inducing dry spell.  I'm one of those "not too hot, not too cold" type gardeners.  Sure I'll get after it in most any weather, but I target my marathon 10 hour digs in the dirt for 70 degree days.  Enjoying a string of them while the earth is still damp enough to induce only mild backpain is making me feel a bit guilty about the Vitamin A charged endorphins cursing through my system.  The most pearlacious bit of silver lining to this glorious three day weekend is having Mr PTowns strong back to schlep truckloads of clippings and dig up a Volkswagon sized plant that had rendered the hot tub unnavigable.

After all of this mid-winter beautification, I do believe a good long soak with a nice glass of bubbly is in order as we welcome Mr. Obama to the White House.  And wish him luck.

Mr. President, please add one rain soaked February in NorCal to the "shovel ready" list. Together we can save California from a disastrous drought and spare the PacNW from further deluge.  YES WE CAN!

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