Monday, January 19, 2009

Gomes Finds A Home

PTown's Jonny Gomes has a new home.  The St. Pete Times announced a few hours ago that he signed an incentive laden minor league deal with the Cincinnati Reds.  He also got a Spring Training invite and has a shot at the starting Left Field job if he dazzles 'em this spring.  The Reds have been bargain hunting shopping for another outfielder and there has long been chatter around PTown that Jonny would be a great fit.  No doubt, there were many toasts to Jonny's new contract at his bachelor party this weekend.  Always nice to know where your next paycheck is coming from when making a lifestyle change.

Jonny may get to play in AT&T Park afterall.  Billy Beane... you blew it big guy.  Garlic fries it is.  Don't make the same mistake with Tommy Everidge.  Fremont is a   l-o-n-g   drive from the North Bay and "Fremont Frites" are not gonna do it for us.

I'll have to study up on the Reds and their AAA Louisville Bats. Heaven forbid Ellen is more up on the team than I am after using Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan to bait George Clooney into appearing on her show.  At long last.  Guys... let this clip inspire you to stay in shape after your playing days.  On the off chance that you are used as bait.  And have to wear something you'd rather not as part of the deal...

At least the Reds' Skipper is a familiar face.  I'll bet Dusty Baker is no stranger to Petaluma.  Meanwhile, the Reds blogs are buzzing with He-e-e-e-r-e-s Jonny  headlines. RedLegs Baseball likes the move.  Dun and Dunner is underwhelmed.  Show 'em Jonny.

Oh... and Splash One for the hometown fans when you get to SF, would ya?


  1. Hey Ptown, thanks for the kind words. I'm not sure of many other Reds blogs worth going to. It seems many of them are seduced by ownership every year into thinking we'll be a contender. I just started blogging as well, so I'm a rookie at networking. Unfortunately, the Cincinnati Enquirer is the only major newspaper that covers the Reds daily. My hope is that the Reds can someday pull a Tampa Bay Rays and go far on a tight budget. I'm pulling for Jonny with ya. And, nice Joe Schultz quote!

  2. You can look forward to lots of leadership from Jonny Gomes following the Rays "worst to first" season. Hopefully both on and off the field. The first step is to conjur up a glass half full attitude with the fans in the blogosphere. It worked once. It can work again! Jonny is a character. If he makes the team, you will have lots of material to blog about. Thanks for stopping by.


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